Orange 50A Dampa's for Trampa Trucks

OOHH i see mine! It just stands out in the crowd


I hope Ireland was stamped on one if them packets

Wait wasn’t it Iceland? Oh shit man…

Nah Just kidding :slight_smile:

Very funny not


If anyone is in the US drop a post or tag me when you get them! I’m alittle anxious about customs grabbing them again.


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Hi Steve here in Dublin Ireland Do you have tracking number Your little joke about Iceland has back fired

Sent you PM

I think I maybe interested in a set. If you’re still making them.

I can make a set, but would take a bit of time.

P.S. Did everybody received them?

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Got mine awhile ago but forgot to snap pics. Matches my green and black color scheme. Turning is a lot better than the 65A yellow ones but not turny enough for tight corners. Might remove the front ones and just have the springs and see if it’s better.


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Tight turns are even hard with bindings :slight_smile: Trampa is not made for tight turns :smiley: