Orange Airless Carbon Fiber BEAST/dual 6374/TB reverse mount kit/VESC/Graphene LIPO

Going to be mocking this up over the weekend then making the CF battery box on Sunday.


A post was just made about going over 28mph on the airless tires. Used zip ties to secure wheel to hub. I can see that turning into one sweet board.

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Ok looks like top speed is going to be 25 lol. This is a commuter board so that is fine by me.

35 is a good top speed

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I think I will shoot for 35, but the Vesc’s are TB and might not be able to take it without a heat sink.

Ah. Maybe so.

Look like a good candidate for one of these

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got 2 of those :slight_smile: I might just wait for my focboxes though

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What trucks/bearings/hubs are you using on this build? I was under the impression the airless tires are not a standard size and only really fit on the trucks that come on the complete boards/kits that @diyeboard sells. I have one coming in the mail and want to upgrade the deck to a drop thru, and possibly upgrade the motor mount to one where I can adjust the belt tension.

The carbon fiber board was no good with belts so I switched it to a bustin board. Also am going to save the Lipo’s for my 4wd Carvon. Switched to a 12s4p pack from TB.


May I ask what modifications you had to make to allow the motors to fit on the Torqueboards trucks and mounts? I recently bought the @diyeboard 10s5p AT complete with the 6" airless tires. I love the board but I know that belt tension is a huge safety issue and I would like to switch to something like the Torqueboards mounts and trucks. I plan on keeping the everything else pretty much the same. The tires fit perfectly onto the truck with the lipped bearings and stock pulleys? I just realized you are running single drive with a TB Motor… Why did you keep the pulley on the hub, is it attached?

This whole build changed into this:

I am using the torqueboards 215mm trucks and the reverse motor mount kit. This fits the Airless tires, but they expand off the hub past 25 mph so I had to switch to the abec11 superflys. I will still be able to switch to the Airless tires but I have to limit the max ERPM so my tires stay on the rim.

The only issue is that the motors on the DIYEboard kit are not 63mm motors and TB motor mounts only fit 63mm.

I actually ordered this: and a esc and enclosure for it so I can test it out. I might just try to drill a hole and mount a idler pulley on it. We will see once I put it all together.


answer to some questions: Tires fit great on TB trucks. Hub is attached with 4 screws that I could take off but this is a dual motor setup now.

I saw some zip tie pictures from someone with airless tires. Had like four or five each rim to hold them on. Not ideal but better than watching a tire roll by at 25+ mph.

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I might try this but those pictures where with Psychotiller rims.

Sounds like time to buy some

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First test tide done. Way too fast.


What’s fast???

Awesome build. What size are those graphene’s?