Orange Blaze Mark I Build Log / Caliber / 190kv / VESC / 10s4p

First of all, thanks to all the community members who have been answering my questions about my build!

Here the setup:

Repainted Goldcoast longboard deck (I think I paid $40-60 when I bought it last year…not sure why they’re $200 now) 190kv Motor VESC 10s4p 18650 Li-ion battery pack 60A BMS Battery capacity monitor 17T motor pulley 36T wheel pulley Key anti-spark plug to power on Steeze remote from @longhairedboy

Hopefully will feature:

  • USB charging capability for my phone. I’ll run 5V from the RX port of the VESC.
  • ABS vacuum formed enclosures.
  • Regen braking

Alright here are the pictures that you came to see.

I began by soldering the battery pack.

Added the BMS

Tested charging and I finally put heat shrink on the battery instead of gorilla tape. :slight_smile:

Mold to vacuum form

Vacuum forming table I just built and a terrible first mold I made

YES, heating the ABS sheet on the BBQ does work!!!

Vacuum formed cases before touchup shaping with a heat gun and trimming the excess.

Drive train with 3D printed belt cover. Great design by @mmaner !

More pictures and updates to follow!


Sick build :slight_smile:

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Measure the voltage coming from you charger to make sure its not the charger but sth. with the board/battery

Here are some pics of the finished build! I reached 29mph with a 17/36 setup but switched to a 13/36 setup for my torque(top speed 25mph). I have a 20 mile range. Feel free to ask any questions.


So I haven’t even built my first board yet (still in assembly) but interested in that battery pack… You are able to get 20 miles out of that???

If you cut the number of batteries in half (make it a 10s2p) would that just make it a 10 mile pack?

You would most likely get way less than 10 miles with a 10s2p because the current will drop more quickly than a 4p(somebody correct me if I’m wrong). If you went with 5s4p, that’d be a different story, but that would be really slow. I’m fairly light (135) and the terrain I ride is pretty flat, so that helps my range.

Ahh I gotcha. I am not about to build my own pack, but I may in the future and that just seemed like a very expensive battery! (based on your link, $200?)

$150 for a 10s4p right now because of the bulk discount. They’re $3.75 a piece when you buy 30. I just bought 32 a couple weeks ago and they were on sale for $3.50 a piece. Just look and wait for the deals.

Ahh bulk discount. So basically watch for sales to drop that even further, makes total sense!

I can see how this hobby is time and money consuming…

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