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Hey everyone,

I finally bought and got all my parts.I know I went on the cheaper route but I still thought I was buying OK quality parts. However when I posted on FB everyone was saying is that my anti-spark is crap and would catch on fire.

My first build question is: Is the anti spark crap? If it is can I just wire my VESC directly to TB battery since the battery has it’s own switch?

IMG_1670 deck


Yes, the battery has an anti spark switch included in it. I would throw that flipsky switch out, as it is known for blowing very fast. Build is looking good so far!

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Thanks for the info. Waste of $40, damn. What makes the antispark die the amps or volts or it’s just a piece of crap?

Poor quality control leads to early parts failure. Flipsky has always been hit or miss but it just seems that their switches are particularly bad.

Well one less thing to solder I suppose :slight_smile:

Hey guys looking for some more help. I’m having a hard time getting my VESC working. Not sure if it’s a VESC issue or a battery issue.

My best guess is a short in the ESC is causing overcurrent protection on the BMS to trip. But it’s pretty hard to tell from this one test. Do you have anything else you could run off the battery to test?

One of two possibilities,

A) the flipsky is shorted and causing BMS protection to trigger

B) The increased capacitance of the bigger ESC is causing too much inrush current during power on (powering up the capacitors) tripping BMS overcurrent.


Alright time for a question about which one you all this is better for this build.

I had some issues with my TB12s4p battery and just sent it back to them to repair/replace. However it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth so i was looking around at alternatives.

At $450 dollars this is what I originally got: https:///products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p

But for almost the exact same amount of money I could just go Lipo with 2 of these and an AC/DC charger. ($170x2(batteries)+$100(charger)= $440

For this build 2X6374 and a 6.6Dual, which one is better? Opinions welcome.

I would just replace the Torqueboards pack, as that is a high quality pack with 30q cells, which are the preferred cells of builders on this forum. If you do decide to go down the lipo route, do not use those lipos as the are 12c which is way too low discharge for what you want. Look for 35c or above if you can

16Ah * 12C = 192A. Seems enough to me :upside_down_face:


Beat me to it

I would like to respectfully disagree, as those packs are intended for field charging other lipo packs

How do you calculate discharge rates for lipos then?

What are 18650s intended purpose? Don’t think Samsung made the 30qs specifically for esk8 purposes.

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Ended up going with 2 10s5p running in parallel so a total of a 10s10p . Still need to tinker with VESC settings and make some physical adjustments but it works and it went for it’s first ride around the neighborhood.





Just in case anyone else wants to use the enclosure for the 10s5p battery. I would print it PETG and spray it with something.

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Just in case anyone wants a Printable Flipsky Dual 6.6 enclosure.