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Orangutang Wheels, 6374 Motors, Torque Boards Trucks, E-Boosted Enclosures, and more for sale

Hey everybody, So I have a variety of different parts that I’m looking to sell, all of the parts are either new or very close to it. Some of the parts were mounted on a board that I never had a chance to complete but no longer have the time so my loss is your gain.Here is a list of what I have:

1.) 2 Torque Boards 6374 190kv Motors -new! Not a single mile on them! -these cost $120 a peice currently and are
beastly motors! image

2.) 2 Torque Boards 6355 190kv Motors -these were used for ~5 miles -these currently cost $90 per motor


3.) Torque Board Motor Mounts for 6355 Motors -used for ~10 miles


4.) Torque Boards 218mm Trucks -brand new with upgraded nipple
bushings for better turns and a smoother ride. -I will also throw in a set of riser pads. -these currently cost $65 image

5.) Torque Boards Reverse Motor Mounts with Stabilizing bar and side bearing pulley tensioners -these were never used, brand new!


6.) 2 pairs of white Caliber Trucks -both sets were used for a short period of time

image image image

7.) E-Boosted Battery and Esc Enclosures made for the vanguard loaded or boosted boards deck -comes with anti spark power button and Digital battery display already installed -never used, brand new

image image

8.) 44 Samsung 30q 18650 Batteries -brand new with battery cases for each set of 2 batteries -these are primo batteries to make a long range, high speed battery pack

image image

9.) Sets of Orangatang Caguama Wheels -i have a 2 sets(4 wheels) the 85mm 80a Hardness Wheels in Orange, a set of the Light blue 85mm 76a hardness wheels, a Set of the kegel 80mm 80a hardness stock boosted board wheels, and a set of The boosted stealth 85mm 78a hardness Stock wheels. -all of them come with Swiss bearings already installed except for the stock orange boosted board wheels and one set of the orange Caguamas

image image image image image image image image

Feel free to shoot me an offer on any of the items on their own or if you buy multiple items I am willing to work a package deal with a great price!

Go ahead and pm me if you have any questions or offers!

Where are you located?

How much do you want for the blue caguamas?

Also where are you located?

I am about 20 miles north of Los Angeles.

20 miles north of Los Angeles

And for the blue caguamas with the loaded jehu bearings I am looking to get 50$ plus shipping. I spent about $90 on them.

How much for the 2 6374?

I would be willing to sell them for $150 plus shipping.

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I’ll think about it

What about the eboosted battery and enclosures

No problem. I imagine they will go quickly at that price as they currently sell for $120 per motor and have one month(if your lucky lol) shipping times, so if you want them you may want to act fast.

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I know a guy selling some used ones for a little cheaper, I have to think about it, I kinda want the ebbosted stuff though, what you want for them

I’m interested in the 30Qs and 218mm trucks. I’ll pm you.

I would sell the eboosted battery and esc enclosures for $75 plus shipping

Are these 50 degree or 44 degree? It will say on the bottom of the baseplate.

Are you able to ship Canada and can you give me an estimate? If shipping is low, I’ll probs but a lot from you :slight_smile:

Il take the 2 6374s and the reverse torgue mount with the TB hanger

I am able to ship to Canada but can’t give you an estimate unless I know what parts you are wanting to buy and also the city you live in

pm sent…

im interestee in 6355 tb motors… how much will you give me… ship to madrid, spain