Orangutang Wheels, 6374 Motors, Torque Boards Trucks, E-Boosted Enclosures, and more for sale

For both motors I would be willing to sell them for $100 plus $20 shipping so $120 total. My PayPal email is [email protected]

do you have can bus cable? and does motors comes with sensorhall cable adaptor??

I do have a canbus cable but not sure what the sensorhall adapter is. Let me look it up and get back to you on that. Thanks

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Did you get my PM?

Are the 6374 motors still available?

ill pm you for my details later

Sounds good

Hi, I am interested in the TB218 and the 6374 motors with mounts. Are they still available?

I have one set of the 6374 motors left with the tb218 trucks. It appears someone may be purchasing them today but I am willing to let go for $175 plus shipping. The motors alone were $120 per motor. I am selling onI’m a first come first serve basis so if you would like to buy them my PayPal is [email protected].

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I am taking them. SOLD Don’t try to PayPal him simultaneously :wink:

im waiting for reply… already sent the money

Me too, paid, but no tracking/reply

Also waiting for reply. What did you send the money for?

Wait, you are also getting the 6374s?

How much are Orange cags without bearings? Dibs for now.

No. Other motors,218 trucks, mounts, and cags @trainingforutopia

Blue cags

torque 6355 190kv motors x2

torque 218mm trucks

torque motor mounts for 6355

gears/belts to go with.

im getting the tb motora 6355 190kv

OK, I was getting the pair of 6374 motors as well as the mounts/pulleys/stabilizing bar with the tb 218 trucks. Now I am a bit concerned that something might get double-sold as @Djmodugno82 is not responding.

I paid for the 6355 motors too. No reply either, I was told shipping on Saturday. @Djmodugno82 everything alright? Please get back to us and give us an update if something got sold twice.

well he said 1st come 1st serve… now im a bit worried hahaha