ORDER NOW! 6374 SK3 sensored Motor's for group buy. 150, 170 and 190 kv. ROUND 3 ORDER NOW!

The best motors money can buy, for less then the other guys. Ive been bashing these motors on road, off road, mud, salt, snow, water- no problems. Best motors for running FOC. OLD THREAD https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/sk3-6374-190kv-sensored-extended-shaft/38248

SPECS: 300mm sensor cables and phase cables 10 awg silicone wire 5.5 mm bullets Extended 40mm shaft 8mm shaft dia Jst mini 2.0 plugs right into any vesc 14 Pole Actual size 6085 Power 3500W Peak Voltage- 6-13s Keyway


PRICE: $110 per motor shipped in the US $125 per motor shipping internationally

ETA: 30-45 days from order time (Not from when YOU order but from when I place the order. I will need the the majority of the order to be placed initially. I will need to meet an MOQ of 25 Motors. When we get to 15 or so, I will place the order. I think we will get to 15 within a few days, so we should be on track.

HOW TO ORDER: See this form, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UJbl1BK2R1KsQibj1JYCL2NkWTWLH9PZrTDI5LR-y_E/edit

Please fill the form out. Please pay ahead of time if you can. It will help me to afford to order the motors sooner. If you need time, message me and I can spot you for a bit. Limited spots available.


@deucesdown @trelensis @Makio13 @Andy87 @Nemesis @moon


I’m in, money sent!

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How do these compare to SK8 motors?

I’m in, money is on the way !

As the sensor plug is already a 2mm JST, wouldn´t it make sense to ask for 10cm longer sensor wires (or 10cm shorter phase wires) to compansate the phase wire lenght comming from the esc?


Would international orders have to pay taxes?

Edit 2: Most likely in for 2 motors depending on tax.

Edit: Does someone have a picture of the actual motor? And just to confirm, it’s not this, right?

It is this. Just with custom length shaft, 10AWG phase wires and sensors. For picutures you could have a look in the old thread, there might be some if I remember right.

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Everything makes more sense now. Thanks a lot!

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@rich @taz i don´t think you in an actuall need for a sensored SK3, but I non the less wanted to tag you in case that could be interesting for you and you didn´t see it anyway.


Much better. Pretty sure they use different OEMs

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Does the motor shaft have a hole for a keyway?


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Looks like on this picture

Need to zoom in a bit :sweat_smile: not so easy to see.


I assume that is sarcasm :joy:

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Nope… image


OH lmao I didn’t read the post before yours, I read it totally out of context

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Thanks a lot.

The specs and the picture in the first post makes it a bit confusing.

If I’m correct the one with 30mm shaft don’t have a hole for a keyway.

I add „sensored“ to the title to make it a bit more clear, I hope. I‘m not the OP so better @barajabali will answer your question, but the motors should come with a slot for keyway as I understood. Just this time it will be only 30mm shaft instead of 40mm like last time.

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Oh, I am interested. However it depends on 2 things.

  1. Customs charges (if @barajabali can declare a really low value on the parcel, then this would likely not be a problem)
  2. How do they compare with other motors? (eg I am not impressed with the power of SK8 motors)