Ordering from the us does the package need be labeled as a gift? is it still insured if it is?

ordering from America to uk does the package need be labelled as a gift ?its under the customs price limit but does it still need be labelled as gift? and is the sender still insured for the price listed on the package?

Yes, even though the value of the product is smaller than limit, you shouldn’t have payed for it in any way to be legit.

I don’t think anyone cares about the “gift” marking. But if you do get called from the customs, you can send them a proof of value and a statement that you didn’t pay for it. That should be enough for them to release the package.

Just a funny remark, customs here released a brochure with some basic information about how they deal with packages in postal traffic and they clearly said “gift” mark means nothing to them :slight_smile: