Origin Point: The first of its kind

This is my first esk8 build, and has been in the works for a year, so it’s good to finally have it rolling.

First of all, many thanks to the wizard man @GreasyGearsWRX for his fixing of my illogical ideas, @mmaner for all the knowledge of the grandmaster and hooking the alabama bros up with parts, and @Sender for the MAD silicon skillz on my battery and all the hookups as well. Cheers to Alabama Esk8, inc.

Parts list:

Deck: Prism Origin V1 Trucks: @torqueboards 218mm Wheels: 85mm 80a Orangatang Caguamas Enclosure: @psychotiller no name enclosure VESC: @stewii ESCape Motor: @torqueboards 6374 190kv Pulleys: @torqueboards 36t wheel 16t motor Remote: Maytech Battery: 10s5p built by myself and the above mentioned homies BMS: MBboards 10s Bearings: Zealous Ceramics Bushings: Riptide/Venom double barrel combo

This board isn’t really anything crazy or special by any means, but its sexy, and goes 30+ miles.:grin: 20180911_090219




Love that deck. Almost got one used a few weeks back. Wish I would have


They are sweet boards!! I’m gonna add some w concave to mine with the Roger’s bros w implant, for those long rides, but its smooth, comfy, and fits big wheels so well! I’m 180 lbs and running the trucks very loose with soft bushings for my weight and get no wheel (or motor) bite on this baby.