Original design---Heavy Duty Stainless Steel deck protectors mass productioned

Just renewed my design of deck protectors. already production a lot , made of 2mm thick stainless steel, very strong. gladly looking for comments from eSK8.

more designs will come after chinese new year. and I also provide custom made service. here is the link I am selling these.


Where is the flash?!!!:sweat_smile:

I did designed flash, but the design seems normal, so I havn’t produce this yet.


I Like the spider Some people who have Landyacht EVO, want custom protectors like this one Here


Spider and Skullz are my favorite. Great work man. Like IT :

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Nice designs mannnnnn


This guy also makes custom plates…

How much for a pair of custom plates shipped to Spain? They look awesome!

11.8us included shipping, you could place order directly on my ebay link.

I like the second flash one! Once it has been produced, what would the total come out to shipped to Riverside, CA?

also 11.8us included shipping by USPS. if have 5 people want this, or someone buy 5pcs. I could produce it after chinese new year.

But I meant if I send you a design how much it will cost pero plate and minimum order.

They are so cool!

1 set, 21us included shipping. 5 sets, 37us included shipping.

produce more will got cheaper for each single piece. deal in ebay plus 10%.

I’m in for the flash if you finally do it. The lightest :grin:

will inform you if I got the flash!

I am in for that one too!

Cool, will think about the design and let you know!

have some new designs



Not sure if its a good idea to sell the first one, just my opinion.


interesting design to lead with…