Original design---Heavy Duty Stainless Steel deck protectors mass productioned

jesus why the swastika?

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Why can’t he use an ancient Asian spiritual symbol?

Oh, the Nazis! Alright, I see what you’re saying.

@treenutter can you please remove that post

@dickyho the top image is of a swastika, and while I know the origins and am sure you were not intending offence, in most western countries the swastika is a symbol of racism and hate. Can you please repost without the first image

Better take it down /remove the pic @dickyho

OK, will do. Sorry, I did not realize about that. in china, we do not know a lot of real history…


I totally get that, I have spent a lot of time in Asia and India where the swastika is commonly used and anything but the symbol of hate that the Nazi’s used it for.

If I had thought you were a Nazi there would have been a very different response :slight_smile:

yea… In most places, its a logo of Hitler and Nazi Germany. Hitler killed a whole bunch of innocent people because of religion.

Most western places :slight_smile: Asia is a whole different story

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My friend’s mum has a swastika sticker on her car, but they live in Delhi and she is definitely not a nazi sympathiser :joy:

It’s one of the many culture shocks us westerners come across when travelling

is there any chance of getting more of a standard X style design?

of cause I can do that, can arrange in next production. just stainless steel cutting is quite expensive for small quantity. X could not sell higher price, but the cost is the same as other design…

I want the swastika and the hammer and sickle

jesus christ :rofl:

Funny thing is that I’m going to passover in 11 mins and I’m gonna be in a house full of jews

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you need jesus

oh yea did you ever get that deck?

Still waiting for my deck my dude, might put the deck protectors to good use when I get it :wink:

check your snap

Hey @dickyho your ebay description should mention if these are new school or old school bolt hole standard? I mean just list the dimensions of the hole spacing.

Or someone will buy and then wont fit and they will be really bummed out.


OK, will add this, Thanks!