Original Enertion RAPTOR w Mono SK3 6364-190KV Spacecell VESC for sale - SoCal

This was simply my backup board and was ridden less than 50 miles. The carbon fiber deck itself is almost in new condition. The Spacecell still needs to be cycle a few more times as you can tell it had limited miles on it. VESC was original an Enertion Vesc that blew out and some parts were replaced. It’s been working ever since. The reason it blew is because I had original R-Spec motors and the phase wires shorted then there goes the VESC. It’s set to about moderate/medium speed at 24-25mph but the torque of this SK3 motor is very good compared to the 6355 R-Spec. I’m not sure if the other inputs on the VESC are there since I’m not good with it. It’s certainly super smooth and reliable as it is now. Please ask all questions and if you would like for me to take more pictures. I prefer not having to ship this to another state (Will NOT ship out of USA) as it will probably costs anywhere from $30-$60 (just guessing). It will NOT come with a charger since I need it for my DIY board at the moment. Not sure what the price to set this to but I know the deck and battery might be a good penny. I’m trying to sell it as a complete board and probably won’t part it out at the moment. Enjoy! 20190515_154637 20190515_160546 20190515_154719 20190515_154730 20190515_160119 20190515_154814 20190515_15465220190515_160049

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OMG one came up for sale


Price? 10char

Back when the drivetrain was good :joy:


I can’t agree with you more. It’s so reliable unlike the new versions’ hub motors. 10S4P isn’t enough to handle those motors. That’s why there are all these problems with overheating, etc. Try to put a 10S4P in an original Raptor and I seriously believe it is a better board than the new ones.

PS waiting for offers on this. Thanks!

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Still got this guys. Don’t be afraid to make offers! Enjoy the summer ride!

Not sure what price you were thinking, I also dont see any offers to base mine off of, but will you take $375?

I’ll pay 376$😀

Thanks for the kind offers but I think the deck alone would about that price. Appreciate it guys!

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Nope, more around 200~

I’m sure it’s worth more than that especially in that condition. No hurry to sell though.

If you save it until Enertion crashes and burns, maybe you can make 300 off of it. It’ll be ‘collectible’

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