Orison of Somni 451 | Landyachtz Dinghy | Polar Bear 105mm | Dual Diagonal 6374s | Custom Mount w/ Sprocket Chain Drive | 12S | VESC

Campus Mini-Cruiser

So, I’ve been into boarding for about 3 years now, and I want an electric. A normal board is too heavy and big to bring to class in my experience, and also campus is packed between classes so it’s literally impossible to squeeze between pedestrians on a full-sized deck. Additionally, I live on the west coast, so I need decent power to go up the hills here.

With all the options on the market, there weren’t any I could find that fit my needs. @RunPlayBack’s builds came close, but I wasn’t a fan of the single hub motors.

The Parts

  • Two TB 6374 motors from DIY, 190KV, 3150W. 12S, 80A
  • Two VESC from DIY, 14S, 50A continuous, 240A max
  • Landyauchtz Dinghy 2016, 28x8 in
  • 12 2S 5000mAh 20C LiPo from Turnigy, w/ XHL 4mm connectors
  • 2 6S Cell Checker
  • XHT connectors, XT90 connectors
  • 10 awg wire, shrink wrap
  • 12V toggle switch
  • @VladPomogaev’s bluetooth receiver.
  • Bondo Fiberglass resin, hardener, cloth
  • IMAX 2A charger and parallel charging adapter.

Total Cost so Far, ~ 900USD

Still Need to Purchase/Make

  • Waterproof casing (Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Etc. )
  • Corrosion X
  • Custom Gear assembly, Likely 0.40 drive ratio
  • #25 E-Scooter Chain
  • Custom Motor mount
  • Nose guards
  • Spark circuit

The most difficult part of this assembly is going to be the custom gears, as the 63mm wheel isn’t going to give a lot of space to work with, and the bear trucks are slanted and irregular, so the motor mount is going to be difficult to CAD and machine as well.

Will push out more pictures and updates soon! Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


I ride my loaded vangaurd around campus all day here. No issues with size i just ride the roads most of the time. Really like the idea of having a smaller board though, can’t wait to see what you do!

I feel the vanguard would be super comfy to ride with its flex, i’ll probably invest in one next TBH. Going over the cracks with the 63mm wheels and the maple deck is really uncomfortable with all the vibrations, but a bigger deck gets uncomfortably big with errands, so… yeah, I’m super stoked for this board.

Great build, I want my first e skateboard to be with smaller board so to can make a simply ollie .is it possible?

Someone needs to invent proper longboard suspension, the vibrations kill me too even with larger wheels and super flexy deck

There’s no reason why it isn’t possible. I guess in principle, though, the more range and power you have on your board, the heavier it will be and the less likely you will be able to jump anything without assistance from, eg, free-board bindings.

Yeah they have it its called mountain boards tho

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Those spring the board back to a non turning position. They do not provide any vertical suspension at all.

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Graphic is gone :’( .

Fiberglass is going on.

Crossing my fingers.

…And, the sprockets are in CAD. #5-40 threaded rods to connect the wheel.

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Quick questions:

  1. Does anyone know if CorrosionX is going to be any good for the VESC and other electronics?
  2. Do I need an anti-spark/ vedder switch to start work on the electronics, or can I do without for the first few times?
  3. Other than ESC, batteries, motor, receiver, and cell monitor, are there any other components worth having?
  4. How can you waterproof the hall sensor? Do you need to?

Much appreciated.

About the corrosion x and waterproofing stuff, I remember a YouTube video about it, you should find it in another “waterproof build” thread (I would search it but I’m on mobile and it’s a bit sketchy). It explains on which components you should use which products, and they were able to run a small helicopter fully underwater Edit: found it!


Man alive, that little dingy deck is going to be chock full of parts! That is going to be a beast… I wonder if you really need a dual setup on that footprint? Especially if you are looking for a light weight solution?

At any rate this will a nail biter and I applaud you work so far! Somebody pass the popcorn.

Any problems running that motor with a 12s with a vesc?

I’ll let you know. I still have more of the electronics being shipped. The parts should be machined by next thursday, and probably next weekend I will have all the electronics tested.

According to the website it should be fine… I hope.

Quick update, too. I changed the #5-40 threaded rods to #10-24 threaded, just because they were cheaper and I figured I could fit in the extra few mm anyways. CAD files are ready, just waiting for a slot in the machine shop.

I’m excited to see how your sprockets turn out. I’ve got my cad and cam ready to go and I’m milling mine on my CNC here in a couple weeks. My board is going to be very similar to yours as far as components! However my deck is a 55" long sector 9 :slight_smile: haha

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I’ll be waiting a bit for machine shop access, haha. Too many exams are happening for me right now, so I’m taking a small break from the project to focus on studying. I will get back into it before the end of the year, for sure tho.

Batteries, chain, lube, and cell monitors arrived in the mail. Using 11GA 304 and 1/4 inch stainless for contruction that I found scrap from a local metal shop. Cost me 20$ and had enough metal to do fixtures for both my boards so I can potentially hot-swap the components between this one and the 36" with bigger wheels.

I wish I had this dedication :slight_smile: haha school just always seems to come second to my projects. I guess my Diffy-Q grade reflects that fact right now :joy:

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