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Hey. Probably going to get me slung out of here but really hope it doesn’t. Jason love your work, seriously love it. Sycophancy out of the way, to business; i had two focboxes and an enertion remote/receiver in my cart on your site last night and you quoted me $70 delivery. $70 !!! that parcel weighs less than my last crap, would have taken up no more room than a G&G burrito, was worth Over $500 and i’m in the same bloody state. seriously? I get it manufacturing takes place in china and that’s pricey but i’m not buying from china i’m buying Australian, local Australian. and proud to do so. keep up the good work but sort out your shipping costs. pretty please.

my 2 new foxboxes were shipped from China (to UK)

(this sounds like something PMs were made for btw)

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I am the Leader. Send me the monies.

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what did you pay?

probs but no idea what PM is. lol

my son just told me and i quote “shit dad pm means private message dickhead”

love him.

ok cool but why?

private for what reason?

i Think we are all accountable for our actions, especially on a public forum?

kind of the point

does he have tourette or something?


no, just a normal teen do you have one my friend?

Creating a thread for calling out single vendors for shit they pulled is called vendor bashing here and is not allowed. I think because it creates a negative atmosphere and people go on for ages about single incidents that they should rather take up with customer care. I do not necessarily agree. Except when it gets really personal. What is allowed though is creating a build thread and sharing your experience with different vendors there.

For scams and such there is this thread:

Nope. Not yet. Pretty sure I don’t want a normal teen then.

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