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150 for both?


i was thinking per Focbox. I paid 200€ per piece.

150 EUR per piece is a bit steep. 149 EUR was the price for new at unikboards. I doubt anyone will pay 300 EUR for two used focboxes when they can have the Unity for $250. BTW, I’m selling mine for less than 100 EUR.


125-130 euro is a fair deal for one Focbox @janpom if you are going to sell yours for less then 100euro/pc send me a message please :slight_smile:

I already have a buyer, sorry. I’m putting you next in line in case it doesn’t work out.


oh wow ok. It is out of stock though and i bought them over at eskating.eu for 200 a piece :o

As it is a rule here if you want ot sell things, I would kindly ask you to add some pictures.

Did you modifiy something (change of bullet connectors xt60 to xt90 or similar) ?

How old those are? Are they from the last batch and version1.7 (it´s written on the pcb) ?


Unbenannt I Paid 199,99€ per Focbox. I don`t know which Batch. As soon as i am home i will make some Pictures, also from the PCB, and add them to the post. That would be About in a weeks time.

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The Focboxes never left my house. I only tested the board in my Bedroom to see if it works. Haven`t used it since. So they have like at most 20m on them. Sell them because i will be upgrading to a Unity

hmm… looks like i have the tax free side, or I get a magical discount always :rofl: mine are 169€ anyway the other questions still remain :wink: but i see you about it.

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Yeah they calculate taxes only after you put in your delivery adress :). Would have loved to get These for 169. Will get back to you asap.