Outrunner recommendation

Greetings all. First of all let me just say that I don’t have and never will have an electric skateboard (maybe about 30 yrs ago it would interest me lol), but many of the items that are used for it I can re-purpose for a power tool that I need. This will be for my personal use only. After going through some calculations the outrunners you use have the correct ballpark KV rating, torque and weight, just wish the shafts were 12mm but I can work with 8mm. What I would like is recommendations for a brand of good quality and reliable outrunner TIA

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I would reccomend you to get a sensored one, sk3 for budget maytech for quality but they are expensive in EU like 100£ maybe even keda

He means the hobbyking sk3 (which is not sensored), the newer sk8 series are sensored and sealed. What sort of power out do you need? The keda’s (also from HK) tend to only push out 2k.

Alien power system make good and cheap ones. And they have a 10mm shaft (not 12mm but better than 8mm :wink: )

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How big are you willing to go?

The APS 80mm outrunners have a 12mm motor shaft.

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I’m leaning about 95% towards a sensored motor. I’d like to keep the motor weight at around a pound (454g for you non-imperialists), but willing to go up a bit if I see it’s needed. Looked at some of the SK8, Keda and APS motors. I’m leaning towards one of the APS motors either the 4060S or 5065S. Looks like the next available size is jumping up to 63mm which basically doubles the weight but gives the benefit of a larger shaft. The motor needs to produce about 1 hp which is 750 watts. If the motor is worst case scenario 85% efficient then those motors would produce1020 and 2720 watts of power respectively at full output - more than I need. And the motor only needs to produce about 1.5NM of torque. Again, with friction loss in the system I feel like I’m well covered. My final output speed needs to be around 1200rpm. There will be a pulley system with a belt, maybe 2:1 or more, depends haven’t got that far in the design and it’s kind of trivial at this point. Battery system haven’t decided the voltage, but would it be possible to use a 20V Li-ion battery pack and charger I already have for a DeWalt DCD995 drill ? Also, how is the delivery speed for APS these days, read they were having shipment issues a while ago. And lastly, for the time being, ESC recommendations for the motors provided. Guessing everyone is using some version of the VESC these days.