Overheating issue


I build my Electric longboard a while ago. It runs on 2 LiPo 5s 5000mah (25-35c) in series, and a VESC. The motor i am using is a 3200W 170kv outrunner from alienpowersystem.

My setup is calculated at an estimated range of about 10 kilometers, but it only reaches around 1. I contacted alienpowersystem before, and they suggested to change the motor. It ran on a 230kv, now on the 170kv one. The range did not improve. I think it’s overheating somewhere, but it isn’t warm inside the case. The motor and VESC does get a little hot to the touch, but nothing out of the ordinary The batteries are still at 4.00 v/c , and after a while (without charging) it runs again.

I already tried changing values on my VESC but no luck so far.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? I haven’t ridden it in quite a long time, it was quite a bummer that it had such a bad range. Hopefully someone here knows what to do!

Kind regards, Friso from the Netherlands

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Make sure you are running in hybrid mode, and not bldc till full speed.

Anyone else out there with the new DIY Electric Skateboard 75kv hub motors? I ride mine on flat ground, but after three or four miles cruising (not stop and go even) at around 20mph, the motors go well over 100 C/212 F, to the point where it shreds the urethane.

I can’t be the only one running into this issue? I’m kind of at a loss what’s happening here and how to fix this. I’ve set them up in BLDC tool as 50A motors (which is what they are advertised as). Are these motors actually not capable of 50A https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/?

Any tips on how to configure the VESCs in BLDC tool so the motors don’t overheat as much?

Share screensots of vesc settings, it will be easier to investigate

What batteries do you use? 50a each? Its a lot. Share screenshots of yor setings as well

Hi Friso!

Did you find the reason yet? As @OleksiiF suggested, maybe share your VESC settings, especially battery cutt out voltage, motor and VESC temp cutt out, and also motor current max.

Also check your electrical connexion if everything is ok. You only have one motor right?