Overkill idea for 8WD with suspension

I know this is super impractical but I got an idea to make powered tandum trucks and even thought up a way to keep the motors stationarey and mounted to the truck so that there are less vibration problems, this design also inherently allows for 2 motors to drive the whole thing and I am currently working on how to incorperate suspension by etting the 2 sides of the tandem bracket to pivot individually


oh wow , there is really alot of torque being held there. i liked the ^ style gears that distributes the force centrally. cleaver design. i can only put my hat down and say, Great Job :ok_hand::clap:

Oh yeah, thats a torque monster for sure. But can we do that with a belt drive?

going from the motor to the big gear in the middle could be belt driven but then you could only have 1 motor, but I don’t think there would be enough contact on that middle gear if it was wrapped around all 3, maybe with some idler magic but I really like the idea of gears and this is one of the few situations I can see them being inherently better

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That earlier comment was somewhat tongue in cheek. Helical gears would be awesome as long as they are quiet.

yeah, the other problem is that they are alot harder to get in metal than just spurr gears so I think im going to try 3D printing them out of nylon which I hear is best for gears

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Hardened steel is best for gears.


how do the secondary large gears power/connect to the wheels?

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Following 10 char

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I’ll take 11

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