Overwhelmed a little

First off is there anyone in Santa Cruz on here

So I’m new to all this hi tech craziness I just like going fast I mean really fast. I’m probably gonna piss off some of these dorks but oh well.

Let me start with a little background so I’m understood I’m a retarded (I mean retired) skateboarder the original kind. Like kick the ground style. I was fortunate enough to get to see the majority of the world via my skateboard. That is my world. My first love. And nothing will ever be as important to me as that piece of wood, metal and urethane. I was and still am a concrete skate park builder, designer, pioneer, dreamer, lover etc. ever heard of burnside? You either know or you don’t.

Well I have a lot more to say but you know what I’m getting sick of this already and I’m gonna go skate.

To be continued.

And hey if your in the 831 hit me up and maybe I’ll be able to figure out how to see it and respond. That’s if this even works all together

welcome bud, most of us like going fast, I mean really fast too :slight_smile: and I’m in San Jose and I go down to SC occasionally to surf (pleasure point)

Welcome @sk8n,

Esk8 is great option for those knees after years of “real” skating abuse, Electricity & Motors help keep the old fellas on boards & ripping.

…Spend enough time on the forum & you will start to see how it all works.

There are built in timers that count how much time you spend here in the beginning, as you reach certain milestones, the ability to make topics, like topics etc are unlocked. It an antispam feature.


Yeah man I’m catching on to the site it’s pretty sweet. Definitely digging the electrification. I was recently paralyzed so this is my new fav game / Pshy therapist/ addiction while I learn how to use my feet again. I use to roll with some short board downhill crews I have a horrible need for speed that takes away a healthy amount of my dermi yearly. So this whole motorized thing is just up my alley. Ride slow die slow

Sweet man yeah I’m right here just a block off the beach on the point. Maybe we can link up sometime and you can drop some Eskate knowledge on me