Ownboard Battery xt60 Connector Question

I’m trying to research about whether Ownboard’s 10s2p Samsung 30Q 6.0Ah battery uses the male or female xt60 connector. can you guys help me figure it out please?

I am trying to use this battery to power a belt drive, but my vesc has an xt90 male connector in it! I found some adapters between xt90 and xt60. My problem is simply that I cannot figure out which way I need the adapter to go. I need it to have xt90 female connection on the vesc side, but what kind of xt60 connection do i need on the battery side? Basically, I want to know if the long xt60 wire that runs through the board into the esc enlosure is male or female.

I am specifically asking about the part that ends up in the esc case , that is the part that I will be using the adapter with to attach with my male xt90 vesc.

So my adapter will be (male/female?) xt60 to female xt90, in order to connect the long wire (female/male?) that ends in the esc case into my new vesc(male). Thank you for your help.

Battery packs usually come with a female connector. If its a male connector, if by any scenario a small piece of metal or paperclip drops in and connects the two pins, boom.