Ownboard Dual VESC V6.6

Figured would start a topic on this to get the discussion going.

For those not closely following this topic

@Tetsu checked out upcoming products from Ownboard at the Hong Kong Show

Amoung their products was VESC V6.6 based controller with an inbuilt receiver

Remote on the left is the well known HobbyWing controller that Ownboard and many others are currently using. On the right appears to be the remote for the VESC variant.

I am not extremely well versed in VESC’s and variants but this seems like it could be rather promising and appears they have tried to build in some fail safes and protection. Might not have enough juice for a super high powered build but wondering if we might see this turning up on a heap of mid range boards soon.


Ugh. Avoid at all costs.


We get it, you don’t like anything being integrated together and would prefer every component being singular and increase the chance of compatible issues.

There are pro’s and con’s of integration, if your personal preference is that they are not, that is fine, that’s your preference. Personally if it can be done reliably I want everything as integrated as possible. I’d much rather buy the ESC that comes with remote, receiver, power button, ect. Heck give it a couple more years and they may even integrate a BMS.

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It just means it’s not repairable when it breaks. Not “if” it breaks. Even the highest-quality builds break and need repair. Not enough folks build for that.


Be honest tho, would you prefer to build with 5 x $50 parts vs 1 x $150 part if they can both do the same thing?

Like sure, one of your $50 parts breaks, your only out $50 to replace it vs the $150 part breaks your down $150 but what if the singular part is less likely to break? on the same circuit board is much more reliable then connecting several boards by JST connectors.

(Prices are just an example and are not accurate)

I don’t think it’s specifically a receiver(although could act as one when Ben makes that public). It looks like a nrf51 module. So that you can wirelessly program it from your phone. It’s a welcomed addition, in my books.

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I was just going off their spec sheet, 4.2 : Unique Features - received build-in PCB

My guess was that instead of adding a JST header for a receiver they just plopped one on the main board and had it connected on a PCB level. Hopefully it would allow pairing with other remotes so you have options but I use a thumb wheel anyway so as long as it was decent quality I’d still be okay with it.

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I would much rather have my own separate parts. I could choose my own remote and change it when i want. The cost of the nano trigger remote (my favorite) is negligible. And as @b264 said, things break. Integration does not mean cost saving or time saving. It is more sleek and simple, but the peace of mind knowing i can cheaply replace a remote is much better


build in receiver means more reliable and stability

Built-in receiver means “not serviceable” and, as-such, low-quality.


yeah not too crazy about having a built in receiver, makes choosing your remote impossible. call me a dirty saleman, but i actualy like the nanox

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Even if you buy separate receiver, power button etc., which means you can not freely select different brand remote and ESC, because even not any brand VESC can be compatible with other brand remote and receiver. Build-in receiver and power button means you can easily install and use the VESC and conveniently maintain VESC in good condition.

I do not know why you said Build-in receiver means low quality… Do you give your view reason? Did you have details test data to support your conclusion? Do you have factual produce experience? Do you know the theory of receiver working?

If no, please delete your irresponsible words…

@Eovan It does mean low quality, mainly because it’s not very serviceable. All esk8 break, and when they do, if you have stuff like that, you have to buy new stuff instead of repairing what you have.

It’s the “Save $5 now! (Pay $200 later)” philosophy

Why don’t you delete your irresponsible words. Do you sell cheap china hub motor boards?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

If people want toys that work for a couple weeks, then maybe they want stuff like that. But if people want tools that continue to work month after month and they can rely on them to get to work and back home, then they should not buy such cheap garbage.


@b264, they are selling a product that’s easier to use and less prone to user error. I think that’s a good thing. There are plenty of other vescs which have them separate, so people are free to choose what they feel like.

However, what would make it better is if they have extra ports where people can connect their receiver of choice, if need be. @Eovan can we attach our own ppm/uart receiver’s?

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More options on the market is always good. Built-in receivers brings up nightmares of repairing Evolve and Meepo.

One way or another, you always seem to get screwed with built-in receivers.

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We usually have similar views on things but not-serviceable and low-quality are two independent things.

Sometimes makers of high quality stuff make it highly unserviceable just so that they can keep people from repairing it themselves. I don’t like that either, but can’t call it low-quality just because of that.

“Serviceable when it breaks” is one of many key indicators of quality.

All esk8 will break. Do you want a paperweight or something you can get right back on the road?

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I think you may be confusing quality with ease of user serviceability. Something does not need to be user serviceable to be of high quality and just because something is user serviceable does not make it high quality. I would rather a part that is unlikely to fail and a pain to repair if it does vs something that is easy to repair but needs to be repaired all the time.

Heck look at the current trend and uptake of gear drives to replace belt drives, if something breaks your replacing at minimum the full gearset vs just slapping a new belt on. But they are less likely to fail.

By all means hate on them all you like but might be a good idea to not discriminate against part of the community just because you don’t like them or have had bad experiences with them. I dare say that some users may be reluctant to participate from fear of backlash because they ride a board that others look down on.

I bought an Ownboard W1S as my first Esk8 and it’s currently my only Esk8 while I start building a custom board. Sure it’s inferior to many boards, but I pulled it out of the box, checked the screws were tight, charged it up and rode it. I have put Señor Pepe front wheels on it and re-bushed it with some nipples and ride it every chance I get. So far it has been solid with no issues in sight, I dare say there are many DIY boards with much less Km’s on them that cost more to build that are dead on someone’s workbench.

Esk8 at the moment is similar to a bunch of cowboys in the wild west but that comes with the territory of it being such a new industry. The established and quality manufacturers just aren’t there yet, some are getting closer tho.

Maybe instead of pushing against change work towards guiding it. Built in proprietary receiver that only works with their own transmitter is bad, I think we can all agree on that. Setting a standard for receivers that is adopted by all manufacturers which enables the end user to choose whatever transmitter / controller they want and pairing it with the built in receiver is good.


Integration is easier and cheaper to produce. Thats the bottom line and theres absolutely no benefit to it for the end user just the manufacturer. They don’t want you running out and picking up a small component from a rival to get their board going again. They want you to buy a new whole unit from them in the event of a failure. Really not worth the debate because its plain and simple strategic business modelling.