Ownboard kit vs Wow go kit

Hello everyone, I am looking to built to build an electric skateboard and have narrowed it down to the two kits, I need help deciding which one to purchase. BTW I will be upgrading the ownboard kit to the 6.0 Ah 30q cell battery and upgrading the wow go kit to the 6.4 Ah panasonic cell battery. Links for both https://www.ownboard.net/collections/boards/products/ownboard-w1s-electric-skateboard?variant=12922242891818

  1. the link you posted to the ownboard, its already built, so technically you’re not building anything.
  2. the wowgo kit you linked, yes that does require building.

the performance from these will be very similar, if you do actually want to “build” a board the answer is obvious because the wowgo is the only item here that can be “built” by you.

But you might be better off buying a board that is already assembled, then if you are interested in learning about how stuff is “built” you could start tinkering with the complete board, pull it apart & rebuild etc.