Ownboard randomly shutdown

Hi, my problem is that my board randomly shutdown. It can be when going uphill, downhill or flat… I change the battery, the BMS and the ESC and nothing work… That can be the BMS, I will try to bypass it, but some other dude have try that with no success :confused:

Where the problem can come from ?

Do you know the battery type?

What esc?

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The battery is a 10s4p 36V The esc is the (new) premade by ownboard, i’ve managed to bypass the BMS, it’s the second day and everything seems to work fine so it’s likely the BMS … It’s a DALY BMS 3 port buy on Aliexpress… I think I was unlucky with it I will post what happenned in a few days

Ok that was the bms

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Good to know.