Ownboard stopped working

I rode my Ownboard through some rain and a couple of puddles and then it stopped working. I waited for Ownboard to reply but they haven’t responded, so I opened the battery and water was inside of it. also some wires seem to have been burned off. is this fixable and how might I do it?IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1208

Sorry to say it but thats down to you entirely due to the water ingress. Looks like you’ve had a short in there. Time to check all cell groups with a multi meter. Remove the shrink wrap and check out the damage. Don’t worry about warranties because I’m pretty sure ownboard say its not water proof. I’m guessing the bms has had the brunt of the damage which will be good for the cells and esc but bad for you because if they are anything like normal chinesk8 companies (@topcloud TM :grinning:) you won’t be able to get one seperately. Check it out and see whats happened.

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how would I even get the wires back in place? this is my first electric skateboard, and I do not have any knowledge how to solder or anything like that, but I do know a professor that is the head of a division at my school that can do all the tests that need to be done to see if the battery is working/ can be made operational again I just have to have some direction as to tell him what I need.

Give it to the man and he will know. Hopefully the bms has done its job and saved the esc. Fingers crossed for you bud.

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