Ownboard suddenly stopped braking while cruisin, xt60 connector fried

So I was cruising yesterday when suddenly my Ownboard (at arround 20km/h) suddenly wouldn’t respond to braking input anymore when nearing a red light on a busy road. Luckily I was able to brake fast enough with my foot on the ground. I got all the attention from the cyclists I was overtaking because my shoe sounded like a car tyre slipping. I think it looked kinda cool.

I didn’t feel cool though as I was frightened to death.

Today I decided to see what was wrong and fixed it. A fried xt60 connector!

What could have caused this? A cold solder joint?

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You really are testing your boards to their limits huh :slight_smile: Jokes aside, Were your hubs feeling warm? If you know what amps it’s pulling, solder a fuse in between there that could save the XT60, hoping this is the only damage.

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Could be as simple as a bad connector if you unplug it often or has plenty of slack/movement. Over time the pins will compress, causing a loose connection that will arc and heat up quickly.

Replace with xt 90 for added strength and security.

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Hubs were feeling hot. Not as hot as the Raptor 2 hubs get though.

With the torque and speed of the Ownboard I can only fully throttle or brake throughout every ride. It was very windy and I just cruised in the opposite directions of the wind with full throttle for about one km. So it was kinda stress tested.

I’ll think about seperating the battery from the rest of the system with a fuse.

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First time I opened up the battery compartment. So maybe a bad connection in the xt60.

I direct soldered the wires though. Will use xt90 in the future If I were to replace or build something new in the future.

Part 2 :disappointed_relieved:

1 motor suddenly stopped working.

I hate connectors. Everything should be direct soldered. So much more reliable…

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