Ownboard W2 - DIY (Swapping motor/trucks

The Ownboard W2 is very attractive except the torque is a little low for my liking. I am new to building electric skateboard but currently own the evolve Carbon GT.

My goal is to have a long distant flexy board with long range and high torque. Top speed of 21/22 miles is acceptable.

I was hoping someone can help me. I was thinking about buying the Ownboard W2 and swapping out the entire motor, trucks, gears, etc. I think they use 5045 motor. I would swap out with Caliper truck, torque mount, and 6355 motor, with 97mm Abec and 40T gear. Does anyone know if I would get more torque? Will the default ESC still give me sufficient power I need for the bigger motor?

Or I can try to just swap the wheel gear out. I think they use 36T and I would swap it out for 40T -3M. Is that even possible? Would that buy me much torque?

My last option is completely build a DIY from the ground up similar to Foosted board but seems a little daunting.

Any suggestions?

No, you’d be bottle necked by the esc. Better off to start with a fresh diy.

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