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Ownboard w2 trucks; Are the Motor mounts removable?

Wanted to know if I can remove the Motor mounts from the Stock w2 trucks, and replace the whole thing with paris v2, rather then just the backplate.

Yes u can change the baseplate. It’s a generic 50°

Cant change the whole thing?

i don’t understand what u want to do?

I want to remove the motor from the truck it comes on, and put it on a Paris truck.

It depends on which batch of W2 you got, the latest one had the mounts glued to the truck, so it won’t be an easy task to remove it…

The new batch of motor mount also has a smaller diameter hole to connect to the hanger so even if you’re able to remove it, you might need to modify it to fit the Paris trucks :thinking:

I just ordered the Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit, it just left for delivery! Im sure it will be the glued on one then, hahaha. Oh well, I guess its still worth getting Paris plates on the back I guess, might as well change the bushings too. Thanks a ton @Chaki and @jun1208!

So, I was just reading up, any maybe im not understanding something, but the Trucks on the w2 are 8 inches? so, they will be smaller then the paris standard 9.5 anyway. I could have sworn they were paris clones, in size as well. Can anyone confirm this for me? I know their website (on the kit) says 8 inches, but ive seen some people swap out the front trucks, and they seemed to be the same size. maybe the 8 inches refers to the actual trucks without the glued on motor mount, which totalize the same 9.75? Ultimately im asking, is the distance wheel to wheel on the back trucks the same as a normal 9.75?

if they really are standard 8 inches, I think I might try to remove the glue, and adapt the motor mount to a larger size. Kit should arrive on the 18th of aug, so il test things out, and if it really is the case, il document the process, so it can help inform other people here.

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Make sure you do please mate. Have mine arriving early September

Are they using caliber clones? If so, can i mount does motor on my existing setup? I have a vanguard deck with caliber trucks.

Nope the trucks are generic paris clones :-1:

They did try to use Caliber clones for their prototype but didn’t stick with it…