Ownboard Zues questions/maintenance

Have a forged carbon Zues, have put about 150 miles on it so far, it’s awesome. The front wheel bearings definitely need replacing (on the 6" pneumatic wheel/tire, have yet to try out the Cloud wheels). the site I ordered the Zues from said it uses “608” bearings, and I also asked them if there are any type of upgraded/heavier duty bearings out there, such as ceramic bearings like what’s used in the motorcycle/sport bike aftermarket world. They said something about ceramic bearings aren’t recommended.

What should I get…what are the BEST/highest performance/heavy duty 608 bearings available? I would say I put a decent amount of abuse on these, I like to ride fast(ish) every chance I get and I’m often on roads with potholes or sidewalks with jagged edges/transitions, where I can tell it puts stress on the wheel bearings (mainly front). I haven’t really used this board off road, and don’t ride it in any wet conditions.

What should I use to polish/buff out scratches on the forged carbon fiber deck? It seems like the manufacturer used clear coat paint, am I right? When I asked the company/site if automotive detailing and polishing products are safe to use on this, they said it’s not safe and it can rub the paint off (are they talking about clear coat?) Yesterday I tried some Nu Finish “scratch doctor” on microfiber towels, and it looked like it helped on the very light scratches. So seems like that stuff is safe to use? What should I try on the heavier scratches? - such as Meguier’s polishing compound, or rubbing compounds…

I have a roll of PPF (paint protection film for cars, off road, headlights, etc) I want to cut out and slap on the bottom of the forged carbon deck to protect it. Has anybody done this on their e-board? Is it a good idea, and what should I use to clean/prep the deck when installing it? Thanks!

if you live in a city chances are you have a bearing shop that supplies the local manufacturing and automotive industry. Find them and see what 608 bearings they have. For damage to CF boards, use thing CA glue and it will stop any fraying from getting worse.