Padded grip tape

Anyone used this? I want feedback, about fatigue etc. Longevity. Amount of vibration reduction.

I am considering putting deck grip pad. But dont know if it would get dirty or fray.

There are these official pads. 4mm Shock-Absorbing Foam Electric Skateboard Griptape – rideonsra

And the stuff you cut.

Traction Non-Slip Grip Mat [34 x 9"] - Versatile & Trimmable Sheet of EVA Pad with 3M Adhesive. Perfect for Boat Decks, Kayaks, Surfboards, Standup Paddle Boards, Skimboards & More - SurfboardMe | SurfboardMe

Let me know if anyone uses this material or similar.

I don’t have onsras but did it diy with some vicious-grip and poron foam. It definitely helps not sure how much though, its not a world of difference thing more so then just kind of nice. I always ride with vans on (the skate edition which has no almost no padding on the heel so im basically standing on a rubber block) and it take about an hour for my feet to start going numb as for wear and tear its been a week and still looks brand new. Paired with some decent insoles you would be good. ill link the foam I used although you could definitely go with the 1/4 inch but that’s just personal preference if you would find it too squishy or not

WOW, that is REAL squish. The neoprene will be matted over time. Usually, they do this with a far higher durometer. I thought the deck EVA, might be too soft.

I just wonder, does squish help or hurt fatigue. I think it helps.

Has anyone tried yoga mat? There are some thin ones, that would work well.

Wow I didn’t think of using yoga mat but yes that would probably work may be a pain in the butt to take off though it doesn’t really hurt fatigue but also could not help as much as a thicker piece of foam (I am also 120lb so there’s that to consider) although something I did notice is that the foam compressing under your feet helps grip a lot I definitely think the yoga mat idea is worth a try as it would be quite cheap. Also is budget an issue as if not I have the perfect thing but it ranges about 50-70