Padding for electronics inside enclosure?

Can i get some advice on how to protect my electronics from vibration inside my enclosure? Would it be better to use some felt like this?

Or foam like this?

Any risk of static electricity with either material?

go for it

make sure everything you wrap is insulated some way or another.

I feel like foam would be the better option. That’s what’s used for padding lipos and such. I’ve also seen it used in li-ion custom batteries.

This is a good topic, my worry is heat and static, should there be concern regarding heat buildup around the VESC and Remote transmitter?

As long as your vesc has some airflow, you should be good. If you are cruising at high speeds, or don’t have airflow, you may need a heatsink.

You can use 2mm or 4mm foam which you can get on eBay.

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I use toolbox cushion liner, it’s great! Dampens vibrations and allows airflow. It’s relatively cheap, here is an example from Amazon, but I found it at Home Depot for $4.

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Im using blue camping mats, about 10mm thick, i got 1 mat from Canadian Tire for 15$, have enough foam to last me a lifetime.

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I use adhesive backed foam I get off eBay. They have all different thicknesses. Since the stuff is really hard to remove once you put it on, I leave the paper backing on until I’m 100% sure I’m happy with the shape and placement.

Use rubber foam, to much of high risk of esd discharge with the felt.