Painting a MadMunkey v1

I’ve tried about 3 different black spray paints on my mad monkey gt2b enclosure and they all suck. I’m aiming for a matte black finish, any recommendations?

Black Primer Spray Paint works for me and sand it then use matte black spray paint.

PlastiDip gives a nice matte finish.


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You could also probably use vynl wrap and have an over hang so when you close the case back to gether it closes and stops it peeling off.

To paint 3d prints you need to sand it, make sure it is rough, then find plastic primer, sand again, and then paint in the color you want (plastic paint)

Painting 3D printed parts can really be tough especially for it not rub off with lots of use with something like the controller. On top of what JLabs said I find putting a clear coat on helps a lot but it often will mess up the finish (glossy enamels make matte finishes look bad) so try to find a matte clear coat with your matte paint.

second vote for plasti dip, i have done shoes, sunglasses, headphones, my GT2B and it holds great on all of them.

its lit

plastidip is awesome