Pairing two Chinese escs to one remote?

So I have a meepo and I’ve been trying to modify it to make a 4x4. I received all my components today and I gave it a test run. The two escs will not pair to one remote. The owner of meepo told me it would. Am I missing something here?

Great, this forum will soon be the community for fixing chinese eboards and not a builders forum. Sorry, i wil continue. The owner of meepo board is @kieraneboard.


I think contacting meepo first would be better than posting here, especially since you’ve talked to the owner

Did you try to pair both at the same time or one at a time?

Both of those. First pairing one then pairing the other. Then setting both in pairing mode and trying to pair at the same time. I attached a pic of the esc.

I’m building a custom board. Thanks for your input.

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You can’t pair 2 at the same time. You have to pair #1 while #2 is off Then turn #1 off and turn the remote off Then #2 on and pair it. Then turn #2 off and turn the remote off.

When you complete this procedure, turn the remote on and then turn both ESC’s on at the same time and they should both connect with the remote.

It’s really easy when using receivers that are separate from the ESC’s In your case, you have to be able to power each ESC separately

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Hmm didn’t seem to work. After completing what you stated above I turn on both and it only pairs to esc #2. unless I have to turn on both at the exact same second, but I tried doing that.

Is the remote and receiver Bluetooth or 2.4ghz RF I don’t think it will work if they are Bluetooth Never mind, I see they are 2.4 g The board you have shown appears to have one receiver for a dual esc. Are you trying to use 2 of these boards?

Cool to se someone trying this as i have been thinking about it myself for a while, seeing as you can get 2 x double escs for the price of one vesc.

Looks just like the backfire gen2 ESC.

All those china boards are identical :grin:

Yeah two of these boards

what remote?

It looks like this

Maybe that remote can only pair with one receiver. I’ve been able to operate dual receivers with the Mini RC remote.

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Interesting. I would try the mini rc remote but I don’t think it’ll work with the Chinese motherboard. The meepo dude told me to use a jst pH wire to link the two, I ordered one to see if itlll work but I’m not convinced, it sounds like I’d have to screw with something to really get it to work…

As you can see by the pic, I’m using Vescs with separate receivers. I’m not familiar with those Chinese boards

Did you ever get both escs to link to one remote?

@diyeboard ?

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