Panasonic 20700C batteries anywhere?

Has anyone seen or heard anything on availability?

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in stock here:

The problem is they are only 15A cells, so you’d need to go 6p.

Whats the advantage in using that cell? it has less energy density than a samsung 30Q with the same discharge rate. Is it more the capacity thats caught your eye?

Yes, I was bedazzled by the 4000 mAh. If they were 25A cells I’d already have the order in.

I still might do a 10s6p mountain climber :slight_smile:

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Good call! I toyed with changing cell standards on my ebikes when high amp larger format cells came in, but i couldnt justify the extra cost for lower density =(

I think the 10A 2900mAh Panasonic PF in 10P+ depths might be suited for that? At €1.99 each it’s hard to beat them for high-parallel batteries.

Seems like 10p would be a lot of weight. That’s 100 cells.

How many amperes do you need to pull?

I’m working on a dual motor, so I’d like to get 50A per side. But this is my first dual - maybe I’m wack thinking I can pull that much power through the wires.

My single is running at 60A mostly because that’s the default value in VESC tool and I’ve not dared push my luck, since currently it’s the only running board.

So the 20700’s at 6P would give me 90A

Those are B’s. I’m looking for C’s. Thanks though.

I googled around and some vape site said they aren’t called 20700C but 2070C. then I found this:

I don’t know if they really have them but it looks like it. Only 3500mAh, though. And kinda spendy.

Exactly what I was looking for. Now to wait for someone to start supplying them.