Panasonic Orbtronic 18650 30A 3120mAh

This Panasonic Orbtronic battery has killer specs, however I haven’t seen Mooch tests online.

They even advertise it as 40A max discharge!

It’s also pretty expensive, anyone knows anything about it?

Wierd, don’t know of any Panasonic/Sanyo models that match that capacity/discharge :thinking:

If the specs can be confirmed by Mooch, I’ll buy them for my next build!

New and very POWERFUL - Orbtronic 30A-40A 18650 Ultra High Drain- High DischargeRechargeable Flat Top Battery. Model: ORB-3120

FREE battery case included with each pair of batteries purchased.

Excellent high drain cells for applications where high current - high discharge is the most important.

This battery is recommended for advanced (experienced) battery users because of its ultra high discharge characteristics and immense power it delivers.

Battery Specs:

Capacity: 3120mAh Model name: ORB-3120 Max Discharge Current 40A 5 Sec. ON, 30 Sec. OFF Max Continuous Discharge Current: 30A for temp. up to 80 degrees Celsius Nominal Voltage: 3.6V/3.7V Full Charge Voltage: 4.18V - 4.2V Internal Resistance 12.5 mΩ Diameter 18.45mm max +/- 0.06mm Length 65mm max +/- 0.06mm Weight: 48 g Average Positive terminal: Flat top Color: Black Battery Type / Shape: 18650 / Cylindrical Core Cell: Made in Japan Intended use: High Drain Devices Recommended charging current: 2 Amps

This cell does not exist in Panasonic’s portfolio. For using the brand “Orbtronic” with Panasonic is fishy as well as the 30 amp max continuous discharge rating. There’s clearly no 40 amps discharge 18650 cells on the market according to Mooch.

orbtronic doesn’t actually produce cells or perform r&d of their own liion chemistries, which often run into the hundreds of millions in cost. anyway, they usually just rewrap cells and put protection on them. I’d be wary of any outlandish claims coming from this brand.


Mooch just replied to my test request from his Facebook account:

Not for sale at nkon

Buy one and test it, or look into es battery forum, they will test them for you if you send them one.

But it think this is just scam…

Mooch offered to test it if there is enough demand.

Someone would need to ship one to him