Panel mount bullet connector

I’m looking for a way to panel mount my motor wires to the enclosure. Other than routing cables in the board, what’s the best way to connect motor wires to/through an enclosure? Is there a panel mount for bullet connectors? I found this:

It says it’s rated for 55a, but I can’t find the size of the bullets on the spec sheet.

Any other panel/enclosure mounted connection ideas?


What about these?

or These?

Looks like 4mm to me.

Could always just drill 3 holes and epoxy the bullet in place. Would probably give the best look from the outside.

I want these but their site is broken

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If anyone is considering getting these I did a bit of research of Amphenol ones.

There are versions where you can put your own bullet sockets and versions with bullet socket connectors pre-installed and you just need to solder the wires. Bullets are 5.5mm type.


The exact part number is DA3W3SA00LF. This version only has 3.1mm holes for mounting to panel (enclosure).

Version with M3 threaded insert instead of just holes, which I would recommend, is part number DAL3W3SA00LF. But the latter version is not really stocked with quite long lead times…


Part number is LCC17-A3W3SM-2N0 (3.10mm holes). According to datasheets, there should be a version with threaded inserts LCC17-A3W3SM-4N0 but it seems like it is not in production.


Legend, ordered 2 panel mounts for $5 delivered from rsonline for any Australians reading


These are cool but I already blew my money on the triple xt60 connectors.

is there a panel mount bullet connector that can handle the amount of power for 12s and DIY’s 6374 190kv motor that exists? i believe its max is 80 amps

U could use MT60 connectors coupled with the riser pads I linked a couple days ago on thingiverse

what do you mean @Holyman92?

awesome i found the link for them UNiK bullet riser pad do you know what size riser pads these are?

I do not, but if u have a printer there is a file on thingiverse and if they aren’t the right size you can always customize them

yah i don’t have a printer and i just saw that shipping is going to be $27.00 so that’s a no go lol.

Yea, maybe hit up @GrecoMan or @scepterr I believe they have 3d printers or access to them… that was my thing with unik was I live in the states

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@Holyman92 those mt60 connectors are 3.5mm. the bullet connectors are 5.5mm. or will it not matter because i am soldering new wires coming from under the pad to the enclosure?

That’s where u get into making your own connectors… u use an mt60 on the vesc and it’s corresponding piece with 10 awg wire with 5.5mm connectors at the other end to click into the riser pads where the motor female leads go

awesome thanks