Panic Attacks :(

I think the people before mentioned a lot of good things you can try. Sleep and eat better is definitely very important as well as drinking high quality water. Depending on where you live you might need to buy it unless you are lucky and have some natural springs with clean water near by.

You said you where obsessed with new tech, builds, etc… Take a step back and ask your self why. Being obsessed with anything is a sign of imbalance mostly on the emotional side. Be as honest as you can be with yourself but be gentle and don’t judge yourself too hard.

Take your esk8 and ride in the nature as much as possible. Hack, just spend more time in nature and get away from artificial life. I guarantee things will take a quick spin for the better :wink:

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Actually so long as it’s not plague water you will be fine.

Let’s not be flagrant ninnies here.

Nice try Nestle PR team, but people have been drinking water and mostly not dying from it for at least like, 10 years.

Unless you live in Flint. :confused:


No. Just no…




On my life hacks calendar for today it says that bananas are know as the happy fruit and eating one can help relieve irritability, anger and depression.


@landonkun Thank you for posting this. I’ve been dealing with anxiety my whole life and one of the best things for me personally is to understand that I’m not alone in this.

@briman05 I’m going to get a banana!


Yes. Just yes…

…maybe :hear_no_evil:

I too suffer from panic attacks and ptsd. I actually used to work at a mental health facility in L.A. what helps me when im having one it to put my hands on a counter or something stationary while looking at myself in the mirror. And focusing only on controlling my breathing. I tell myself there is no rational explanation for how I feel and that it is all in my head. I hope this helps.

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I’m not going to have a debate about Mental Health with someone like you. Sex absolutely isn’t my problem. Have plenty. Also going into crowded places will never fix my social anxiety so :fu: It’s insulting to simplify the cause of someone’s panic attacks as simply fear or lack of experience.

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Ive insulted someone. Great my job is done here. Lol oh and i am mentally ill no doubt about that i have the papers to prove it just dont feel like it cuz “Feelings Matter”

To sum it up, I was speaking with doctors about it and they said it’s a pretty common thing with men in the age of 30-35. Didn’t said anything before as I was not sure if I can believe in it, but after I read more and more having this issues I think it’s really a fact. I can’t speak for others but I definitely can say for me it’s cause by mental stress and a kind of snowball effect when you experience a strange situation or feeling and start to think more and more about it. I also experience that it happens with me more in the end of winter. After 3-4 month without real day light I‘m kind a more easy affected. I also can’t agree that sex does have any influence on it, but what definitely helps is to know to have somebody on your side to calm you down.


Cool story. Im all for being a troll and an ass but maybe this thread isn’t the place. Or maybe you don’t care. Glad you got a laugh. This thread is so funny right ?:roll_eyes: Fucking assclown


Yea man i was joking just trying to ease ur pain with smile and a laugh ive dealt with this before for nearly 3 years and i learned i cant take things seriously or ill die faster. Relaxing is the key just what works for me might not work for others find that thing that puts peace in ur heart and mind and trust the anxiety will fall of like dirt in the shower

I laughed but not at the dudes expense just at the fact that someone took me too serious. Smoke a blunt and hydrate bro lol

Maybe what he is saying is you need to have sex in a crowded public place to fix your social anxiety…

I have seen where sex reduce stress but stress and anxiety are to different things. Stress can cause anxiety. Because if that was the case I would have anxiety issues from the time I got up to the time I went to bed for the past month. I have had that before and it sucks.

Go see a sleep specialist Dr. This sounds similar to sleep paralysis- your body rejects inputs to move when you are asleep, and just after you wake up you sometimes feel frozen in place. This is where the myths of incubus and succubus come from (nocturnal emissions are another mistaken sign). Worrying about it isn’t likely to make it better. Try meditation. I hope you feel better. I don’t think your troubles here are as rare as you think. Please don’t sleep with weapons.

Hi, sorry to hear you are going through that. I have experienced this as well its no fun… Looks like many possible solutions have been given.

I can only stress the importance of balance and face to face socializing. It’s easy to fall into an obbsessive pattern especially if you are passionate about something.

My suggestions would be cut down on caffeine, be more social try to find a way to help and serve others (not online), community, family volunteering etc. Practice selflessness. Some form of spirituality is huge, prayer, meditation and yoga have been helpful for me. Best of luck to you.

This thread got bigger than I thought it would! Sorry for the late reply. There was just so much to take in, and I really wanted to take the time to properly read every reply, and write my own when I was feeling ready.

It’s been a fine balance of trying not to think about my anxiety too much, but also be as open about it as I can.

I’ve gotten much better over the past couple weeks, with some ups and downs. I’m currently taking Sertraline, which my doctor told me can take a few weeks to start kicking in, but whether it’s the meds or just time, I’m slowly starting to feel better.

Sometimes I feel my anxiety start to creep up, but I can usually tell it to just go away, and it works. Sleeping is the biggest problem. I’ve always been a bad sleeper, and the panic attacks didn’t help make anything better. I’m trying all kinds of things to help myself sleep better (less screen time, melatonin, etc), but I still need to find something that works for ME.

This is gonna get a little long, but I wanted to write even just a quick comment to every person who replied, as thanks :cupid:

@TowerCrisis Thank you for sharing. I admit it’s definitely hard not to worry about what other people think of me.

@Hummie The Sertraline I’m taking has similar side effects written, but luckily they don’t seem to be affecting me :slight_smile:

@Andy87 I think the sunlight thing is big for me. I always have my blinds open (even at night), and winter always gets me down. Basically, I think I just need to get outside more.

@BigBrit A couple people brought up the dehydration thing, so I’ve definitely been drinking more water recently, just in case. Can’t go wrong with water!

@Skunk Yeah, I’ve had general anxiety for at least 10 years now. I’m just gonna have to learn to live with it… ideally minus the panic attacks.

@Powadangaboards I also started taking Magnesium, so we’ll see where that takes me!

@Sender I don’t think I could ever do any type of work related to hospitals. I can only imagine what your PTSD must be like. And thank you for sharing too.

@briman05 So far, talking to people has been the best medicine for me, I’ve found. Whether it’s chatting with my online friends during a match of Apex Legends, geeking out about esk8 stuff here, or hanging out with my friends on Friday nights watching dumb YouTube videos… it really does help.

@Mich21050 My doctor said he didn’t think it sounded like I need any blood tests. But we’ll see. I think I should get some done eventually.

@Vanarian Thanks for reaching out. Every reply in this thread helps, seriously.


@DerelictRobot The funny thing is so far I’ve talked to three different doctors (I need to find a family doctor, but haven’t found one I liked yet), and all of them said it didn’t sound like blood work was urgent. Having a fear of blood being taken, I’m not exactly in any rush if that’s what they’re telling me, but at the same time… I sometimes feel like something else might be triggering my anxiety. Definitely drinking more water these days!

@amazingdave So far I’ve only tried lemon balm tea. I’ll have to remember that one. It’s the getting into routines thing that I think I need to work on more, especially regarding sleep.

@sk8l8r Thanks for being a part of the conversation (sounds like sarcasm while typing, but it’s not, haha).

@Chrisjarram I’ve had a couple books recommended to me by friends. I haven’t read any books in probably ten years or so, but maybe it’s time I started again.

@Itsmedant Not only have I been drinking more water, but I’ve slowly been trying to eat/drink other healthy stuff, at my own pace. Even little things like buying only natural peanut butter now… and buying Coke Zero (gross, but I got the cherry one at least), and only having that at home, while saving “regular” pop/soda for when I’m eating out. Baby steps.

@jerry373 I’ve been counting down the months until I can finally start riding again! The snow is just starting to melt here… so the streets will probably be really wet and sandy for about another month or so, but it’s coming soon!!

@badger4life And thank YOU for your reply! I’m in the same boat. It’s made me feel really good to hear other peoples’ stories and know that I’m not alone in this.

@BigZwatt I’ve been trying to find a breathing technique that works for me. I’ve found that TRYING to do some kind of special breathing in turn makes me frustrated and then anxious about it, haha. It’s like my brain knows I’m trying to trick it into not being anxious. Stupid smart brain…

@starstuck8 That reminds me of the girl from The Haunting of Hill House. It’s a good Netflix show, you should check it out. Anyway, I don’t feel like I have any kind of sleep paralysis, but I do think that I might have to go see a sleep specialist, because my quality of sleep is very poor.

@Raincityeboarder Yeah, I’m trying to cut back on any evening caffeine, and to be more open and social (sometimes hard, being an introvert). I’ve only done yoga once, and felt like I was dying, haha. But my friend offered to teach me some easier yoga to start, and see if that helps me. I think I might do that.