Paper Delivering Machine ¦ unconfirmed deck ¦ Tb's 6355 190Kv Motor ¦ Tb's Nano Controller ¦ Tb's Single Motor Mount ¦ Tb's 50 Degree v2 Trucks ¦ Tb's EPOWER 10s4p Battery ¦ VESC ¦

I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while now debating if I should bit the bullet and build my own board over getting a cheap Magneto. After an hour or so of playing with an excel document working out how much I can place into a budget I worked out I could get a much better board for my budget of around £700-800 if I self-build rather than buy.

I haven’t decided on a deck. Originally I was going to use an old Penny Nickel deck I had lying around but the real estate between the trucks was too limiting to create a full on eSK8. Ideally I’ll make the deck as short as possible because I intend to be able to take this board everywhere and that includes onto public transport, who incidentally never seem awfully keen to have a longboard (even a regular one) as a passenger.

I earned the money for this build by delivering papers but I’m fed up of cycling around so decided to make my work more fun by flying around on a eSK8 instead. I usually average about 15 MPH on my bike on the round and therefore decided to aim for about 25 MPH as a top speed just for that little bit of a thrill. I usually cycle about 2-3 miles but this can increase massively to about 5 or 6 depending on demand. Therefore ideally a range of 10 miles or more is an ideally safety margin for the build.

I decided on ordering most of my components from just for ease and simplicity especially when paying tax and shipping to the UK.

Hopefully the board will reach a loaded speed of around 30 MPH. I used this calculator to work out an estimate for speed based on components.

If anyone has any tips or advice I’d be willing to listen and I’ll start ordering parts in as soon as I can afford to.

alright sounds good so far buuuuuut:

stay in the limits of the vesc.

230kv at 12s won´t work - you´ll have to hard adjust your max erpm at the vesc and that doesn´t feel good at all.

for a better experience for your needs go for 10s 3 or 4p - depends on how you adjust your budget. and pick a 190kv motor. then play a bit at the calculator to find your perfect gearing. like a 15/32.

you´ll then have a rocksolid build, fast as fk and good range if you pick the right battery type.

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So from what I understand either a 12S battery pack with a 190 kv motor is ideal? If I dropped the battery down to a 10s I could continue to use the 230 kv?

What controller are you looking to get

I’m planning on using a nano controller.

I have one at the moment that i can sell, or you can participate in my recent group buy :smiley:

Where are you based though. I’m in the UK so have to take shipping into account.

I am in the UK too, postage will be £3

How much for the remote then?

Well its $60 on tb and i got it for 37$. Please make a reasonable offer :slight_smile:

10s with 190kv is what he was saying. Probably 170kv if you’re using 12s

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Sweet. Thanks for your help.

Nah…still a bit too high; you’d scratch the limit. If you like to use that motor, go down to 8 or 9s. Just look at @chaka s article. But like i said, better aim for a lower kv motor and go for 10s :wink:

So something like a 170 on the 10S?

Jesus sam :grinning: reeeeeaaaad the goddamn article. 190-200kv @10s

I’m just double checking I’ve grasped the right end of the stick. Being a student means buy once and buy right first time.

Kk just go 190kv with a 10s3p and you won’t be dissapointed

Sweet saves me a couple of bucks on a motor as well :smile:

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Go for it:wink: And always post updates

Seeing how I’ve spent so much time lurking on other peoples build I think it’s only fair I do.

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