Parallel Charging the batteries safely?

Hey guys I’m building my first eboard and I came across a problem, I’m going to use 8 Multistar High Capacity 4S 5200mAh ( and I want to charge them in parallel. My question is, since I’m charging them in parallel the batteries would have combined 615,680W and the charger that a want to use as a limit off 100W (, would it be save to charge the batteries in parallel with this charger? Or would I nedd to use another charger with a higher Watts capacity?

The watt hours of the battery doesn’t matter. You could charge them in parallel. You will just be charging slowly at 100 watts

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That’s great :smile: Thanks for the information!

Perfectly safe to charge in parallel. I prefer it. You need a higher quality charger. I’d recommend the iCharger 208B + 350W HK Power Supply. Otherwise, charging in parallel will take way too long.

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That’s a good tip but it’s a bit pricey for me in the moment since I’m already spending a lot of money in the batteries and other components, but will consider getting a better AC charger since they are cheaper and don’t need a power supply, but in the future I will buy one of those with dual charging capability since I wan’t to upgrade my board to an 10S and that way I can charge all the batteries at the same time

IMO Don’t get dual charging it’s pointless if your only trying to charge in parallel. Purchase the iCharger 208B $120 and a 350W HK Power Supply $40. We’ll worth it.

What if i got one with the capability to charge 4 at once and charge 4 4S batteries in two of then and 4 6S in the other, so I would be charging 16 batteries in total, would that be worth the money spend?

If you want to charge about 16 batteries you will need a high amperage power supply + charger otherwise you will need days to charge!

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Will 1000 plus W be enough to charge it quickly?

W = U * I W / U = I

W = 1000 U = (6S batteries) 22,2V I = X

1000 / 22,2 = 45A

If you are charging 10 6S batteries in parallel you get (45A / 10 = ) 4,5A per battery and will charge a 5Ah pack in about 1 hour.

So yes, charger with 1000W would be good for so many batteries. But i dont think you will find a good AD/DC charger with so much wattage. I think you have to buy a power supply and a dc charger.

Maybe i can offer you my 1080W power supply for a cheap price. My one is with EU PLUG!

Typically, a parallel charging board only allows for 6 batteries at a time.

To charge 16 batteries at a time, you’ll need to make a custom connector.

What is when You plug a parallel board in a parallel board? Should work?!

I’may working on building my batteries in a modular case, so the conectores use to connect the batteries in parallel can be use to charge them also rigth?

It sounds right but it would be better if you can draw a schematic or wiring. Then the people can approve or not approve your idea :wink: