Paris European Meeting 11-14 July 2019

Hi folks,

ESK8FR and the Carve Electric Skateboarding UK group have joined forces to organise what will be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) European events of the year.

We are planning to meet up for a weekend of e-skating fun from the 11 to the 14th of July, in and around Paris.

We’d love it for as many e-skaters from other countries as possible to show up and make this the best event possible. We’re also obviously extending the invitation to the manufacturers, with different sponsorship package types available.

We’re a few months away, but it’s best to organise things with time. Please spread the word in your own groups and let me or @okp know if you’d like to help organising or if you want to share your ideas. We’ll waive any event fees for volunteers willing to help us for the whole duration of the event, so let us know if you’d like to help making this event a success!


We’ve finally came up with a rough budget and, because unfortunately great events like this have inherent costs (sound systems, generators, insurance, health & safety, etc) we do need to charge a small fee to each participant: €20 will give you access to the venues and activities, as well as to the “vendors village”. We’re thinking of making a run of t-shirts for the event for a small price, so do let us know if you’re interested in buying one.

Again, this is very much an event by the riders for the riders, so we’re not expecting to make any profit at all…

FOR VENDORS: we’ll be ready in the coming days with a sponsor pack, at which point we’ll be able to start contacts in order to organise your level of participation in this event. The sponsor package will come with a tiered system of participation, which we’re positive will be of your liking. Do note that this will be the biggest event this year in Europe, with vendors from all over the world already committed or very interested in taking part. You will not want to pass on this opportunity of showing your kit to the community and to check on what the competition is doing!


Auvers sur Oise is situated just north of Paris, so you’ll be within commutable range if you do choose to stay in Paris. If you do so, we’d recommend to stay north of Paris. Auvers sure Oise has a few places to stay:

  • The local camping park, with plenty of space for tents and very reasonable prices;
  • Hotel des Iris, small nice hotel in town;
  • Hotel Lemon (Mery sur Oise/Cergy, 3 miles away), which is cheap as chips (£31 per room per night) but seems to have less than positive reviews;
  • Hôtel Restaurant Campanile Taverny (a couple of train stations away), with reasonable prices;
  • A few B&Bs in the area; also, AirBnB accommodation seems to be quite cheap in this area;


(For UK based e-skaters, Eurostar Train)

London St. Pancras - Paris Gare Du Nord

11th July 2019

17:01 - 20:17

Paris Gare du Nord - London St. Pancras

14th July 2019

19:04 - 20:39

More details coming soon!

The event website will be up and running very soon, ready to receive your bookings!

Cheers, CARVE UK & Esk8FR"


Great to see something is moving! So let’s invite all people who showed interest before in my general thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Grozniy @visnu777 @Steven1 @amazingdave @camarondelax @Eretron @sk8l8r @rey8801 @Gerrycorrado @pjotr47


@brenternet you getting the extra comment…because you special :joy: Or just the 11th I couldn’t tag in the last comment…


Interesting. Plane ticket is 250€ for me I can’t bring a battery. So would need to buy some lipos and leave them there. And i don’t want to waste them. So it’s difficult


I have similar problem, but maybe we can get some lipo/board sharing done too. Than it’s still a lot of money for the flight, but maybe… :wink:

The UK crew will get the train, is that not something possible for you guys?


Russia and Iceland :sweat_smile: I think there is now a train from Moscow to Paris but it would take 2-3days or so :man_facepalming::joy:


The only way for me to bring the whole board is through ferry to Denmark. And then idk


Get someone in the UK to help

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Maybe it makes sense to invite also our Swedish vendors @LazyRolling and @mackann


Can’t wait for this man

I will have my trampa done by then so my street board would be free but I fear the Parisian streets will call for AT and not an 85mm street setup! The other issue is lugging a trampa and a 9KG street board as well as my other stuff through the underground and then onto the eurostar.


I am on holiday :confused:

If I was not on holiday, then I was there.


That’s sad, but you could give the information to your Belgien group. Maybe somebody is interested to join :wink:


Will do!

Btw: for maybe the next rides… I have plans that I take each ride a second trampa with me for the guy’s who haven’t a working board.


yes please, the more the merrier!

it would make sense to have all vendors/manufacturers in one space for an afternoon so that they can all show their wares to us and to the general public…

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can you link me to your group? Feel free to share the FB event anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll be going by train and could bring a second board :sunglasses: Edit: at least if @LukePL got me my integrated deck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe there is an interest for @MBS Europe to join too? @ricardo I don´t know which plans you made so far, but if there is an opportunity that vendors can give different boards for people to try/testdrive, that would be a cool thing (sure only if there is an interest from vendors side too)

Great! I will try to be there. I will come by train.

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@Andy87 I’m in :slight_smile:

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