Paris V2 Trucks 195mm, 3D Printed motor mount, 270mm Belts, 36T Wheel Pulleys, 15T Motor Pulley, 8mm Risers

Reason for selling is raising funds for another project. The ABEC 11’s have not touched the ground, the kegels and all other components have been used for testing for about 10 minutes on smooth tarmac which is why I’ve listed them as new.

All prices do not include shipping as calculations may need to be made if sending to europe etc. Convert prices into your currency if needed!

£50 for both trucks (No wear at all)

£40 There is 1 part to this needed. I will send you the .stl file so you can print it as I got a nut and bolt stuck. These were made for Paris 195’s above and these style motors, 30mm diagonal spacing

£4 per belt £10 per 3D printed wheel pulley ( 1x Kegel, 2x Abec) Will send bolts if needed

15T £9

£4 8mm Risers

I’m interested in your remote

I live in Spain

Which mod is this, I can’t tell…

This mod

I’ll have the Kegels off you, Im in uk. Would you be able to make a pulley for them for a 15mm belt, plus bolts. Call me on 07478 676225 if you wanna chat. Chigzy

The pulleys ive listed are 15mm so youre in luck, Just need 1?

Yeh, what are the pulleys made out of, and how much would shipping be bud.

ABS, postage would be a fiver by Royal mail first class recorded

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Did you ever sell the remote?

Still got it

Still have the remote? I’m really interested :slight_smile:

Yeah still available

Hi Mate, sorry for the late reply, You still got the kegels and 1 wheel pulley. I have the money today, so can make a payment asap. Cheers

Yep still waiting for you :slight_smile:

Check PM’s

Ooh sorry mate, I already ordered another remote :sweat: But I think these are so popular you’ll sell it very soon :wink:

ABECS, Kegels and a kegel wheel pulley have sold, whats above is remaining.

My ebay remote got cancelled, so if you still have the remote I have one question: How much would the remote + shipping cost in euros? Thanks in advance!

What country are you based in?

Netherlands. Can you also check how long shipping would be?

Trucks now £40 Pulleys now £8 (1x Kegel, 2x Abec) Motor pulley £7 Motor holder £30

Offers welcome