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Hello there guys

Skip the next paragraph if you just want to know my goals and my dillema and not so much my exp. so far.

I have been riding boards for a decent amount however I know little to nothing about the the physics behind it, but I do know one thing it is that I like belt drive and MBS wheels.

I brought an Acton sometime ago ,and as my none existent waranty comes to a close I realized that I am pretty screwed since Acton boards dont last that long.

Honestly I desperately need a board to last me 10 miles round trips with hills and speed fast enough so the driver behind driving at 25 mile per hr doesnt run me over (max spd faster the better till 25 mph) or spend 2 extra hr on trip. Thus I will be replacing my board part by part or buying part by part till I wind up with a board that meet my needs. Since I dont know price or anything it would be nice someone can post deals of used components. Since I am a programmer and never done any actual work it would be nice if you can offer me some easy to build components or recommendation. But I really MBS wheels Acton 83 mm wheels aren’t helping also belt system would be nicey budget is probably 800-850 ish and obviously the less the better I’ll read every comment carefully so there are no such thing as an extra comment.

Welcome to the forum you will see at your top right corner there will be a search bar and if you know the right keywords they will help you find what u need 90% of the time. Not trying to be rude wish I knew that :slight_smile:

A 10s 190kv single motor build might be great for your budget.

If you have no time to waste and dont want the risk factor of blowing something I heard @longhairedboy can make a great board. IT would still use all the Diy magic stuff. and you could go to work for another month and get a better board without wasting time.


Sell your board as is, since you won’t find a drive train that will fit your old board unless you DIY it.

A good mountain board is going to be very expensive (think around 1800 USD). I don’t recommend getting cheap parts to build one, as they have many downsides (difficult to service parts/crappy motor mounts without belt tensioning, shitty out of balance hubs with pressed in bearings, bad truck designs causing speed wobbles). In the long run, you will be spending more money and time when your board wears down.

5 Likes, hey welcome. 1.Evo. you need a bigger deck than Blink for that speed. 2. Enclosure 3. You need to go dual drive. 4. Trucks 5. 2x Mounts+pulleys 6. 2x Motors sensored 7. 2x Motor pulleys 8. Battery pack left. Go Li-Ion. 12s2p 9. You will need a remote. 10. You’ll need wheels. 11. Forgot the most important part. VESC. Best are FOCBOX but backordered. You could go TorqueBoards ESC.

This is just a sample list. You need to research more on this forum for custom and reliable parts.


I’m not sure a 12s2p would suffice for dual motors. Well it would but a 10s3p would be best


Better keep it simple, single motor no fuzz. Use the budget to get better ESC / Batteries / Board.

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so what are the parts need for a mountain board is it better just to buy it second hand? thx for the repiles -Halpy

Basically the same as a normal longboard parts but they cost about double the price. Trucks and wheels are also expensive for mtb. You would most likely need a dual motor setup (more money). A large battery is a must since they have a higher Wh/km


Building emtb cost 2k ++ thats almost for sure. You need the dual motor for traction if you really planning off road with serious climb. The cost are greater but their durability and weather resistance also increased alot. Since they are higher from ground with pneumatics wheels, the entire board and electronics just last much longer.

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I agree with this list, for the most part, just figured I’d add some alternatives as options.

1.) Deck

  1. Enclosure

  2. Agree, Dual Drive if you’re riding on the street with cars, need that braking power and acceleration

  3. Trucks

  4. Motor Mounts: Motor Gearing: (Be aware, you’ll have to file the drive pulley slightly to fit the trucks

  5. 2 Motors (Go 63mm motors, much more powerful) collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv

  6. Motor Pulleys collections/motor-pulleys

  7. Battery Pack. Theres ton of options on this, just look around the forum

  8. Remote

  9. Wheels or

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The thing is, this wheels pulley will not fit Caliber hanger.

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I’m currently using them on a caliber hanger without issue. Took me like 10 minutes of filing/forced material removal and they fit nicely.

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Second hand MBS comp 95 or trampa long 35 or holypro. Drive train set by @Idea (20 mm belt width, 15/72 teeth). 2x 6374 SK3 149-190KV 2x focbox or VESC 6 derivative if you are willing to wait 1x gt2b or equivalent 1x ultrabox 206 4x 5s 8000 mah LiPo - 35C or higher recommended 4x voltage alarms 1x ISDT Smart Charger Q6 Plus 1x balance board for charging (XT-90) 2x XT90 Series adapter 1x XT90 Parallel adapter 1x XT90 anti-spark plug 1x XT90 male + female 2x XT60 female 1x voltage reader (waterproof)

AWG16 wire? Would have to check, can’t remember exactly what I used.

Silicone kit for water proofing holes.

Assortment of bolts/screws to attach the Ultrabox to the board. This thing will house your dual focbox.

I personally don’t bother with BMS (just another thing that can go wrong) and throw my lipos in a backpack, tied with fasteners to the board. Others are using velcro. I just throw my charger in my backpack and off I go.


thx for the list

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