Part list: sub 500$ CAD build, any problems or things I could change? (first build)

This is going to be the parts list I am going to build a little later in the summer, this is the first eboard I am ever going to build, so please be gentle.

This is just going to be the base of the board as I plan on upgrading things as I go along, depending on my needs.

Spreadsheet with all the parts

Obviously, the first thing I will be upgrading first will most likely be the ESC, maybe change it to a TorqueBoards VESC. Then I will probably upgrade to a Li-Ion pack for easier charging instead of having to unplug the lipos every time. Overall, I guess I’m just looking to see what you guys think of the parts list I made, how is it?

looks mostly okay…i however have tried running a single 6355 260kv motor with 8s lipo and a vesc…the power and accelleration are very underwhelming…i’d suggest 8s with a 192kv motor (what i had on my first build, i run dual 260kv 6355 now). the 192kv at 8s pulled me up almost any hill, and had a top speed of around 40kph whereas the single 260kv only got me to around 38kph with much less torque and acceleration…i think single drive for such a high kv smaller motor is just too much for it to handle efficiently

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I’m not looking to break any speed limits, but would a 6S be able to work for now with a 190kv motor? I’m most likely going to change the battery to a 10s2p li-ion after I get a TB VESC

ive never tried a 190kv on 6s…id imagine a little less torque and acceleration/top speed. i think it would still be better than 260kv for a single drive. and with a lower kv like 190 it leaves you room to incease your voltage later on like you suggested.

so the build would be good now with the change of the motor?

i think it’d be acceptable for a first build if you’ve never used an esk8 before. it wont be the fastest torque-eyest board, but it will leave room for upgrades… granted my only experience is with the vesc; if the esc works well i’d expect the build to be alright with a 6374 190kv

What VESC do you have? I’ve heard mixed things about the turnigy one and wasnt sure if i wanted to risk it or just go for an ESC for now

i got both my vescs from torqueboards (diyelectric), ive blew a chip on one of them once but that was my fault in error setting up dual drive. i ran one on single drive for over a year, 500+km no problems (that was the 192kv 8s system)

Do you think it’d be worth the extra cash to get the VESC now instead of waiting now? I’m not sure if I want to mess up the VESC since I’ve never used one

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i think it’d be worth it…especially now with vesc tool its easier than ever to set up a vesc

then i think ill go with a vesc, it makes my budget go 60$ over, but that is fine if I wont need to replace that for a while, I guess the next upgrade then would be the battery!

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a 190kv motor and the vesc will future proof you for a battery upgrade :+1:

thanks man, I really appreciate it!

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