Partially complete board $625 shipped

So I have an unused but incomplete board, missing a few components but just trying to gauge interest real quick. Specs: 8s 4p 80a 10,000 mah li ion lg he2 pack $175 Tacon 245 kv motor $70 Ollinboard vesc 4.11 $120 Pulleys: missing Motor mount: missing Trucks caliber $45 Wheels 83mm flywheels $22 8s 7a turnigy balance turnigy $40 350watt power supply $40 Controller: missing Deck bustin boards $75

The missing components I can show u where to get for roughly 120

Would love it if u lived in California (socal) so we could meet up and I could just drop it off

So are you selling it as whole or parts? What’s your prices?

It’s whole minus the missing parts

Hit me with any price u think it’s worth I’m just trying to gauge interest in it and what it’s worth

The only two things i may be interested in are the Calibers and wheels … What color are they…

How abt some pictures :camera:

Oh ur gonna have to wait till Friday I’m out for a work trip and not back till Saturday

Lol ok well you could tell me the color

Oh blue and black

Ok leap of faith… Blue trucks and black wheels…right?

I want that tacon motors

Yes sir they are

Hello im interested in the motor,battery pack and the vesc

Might as well, which board? :smiley:

Hey Man, I live in socal (SGV) Im interested in the VESC and Pack, and Charging rig. We could meet up and I could just take it off your hands.

alright check ur pm

Where in SoCal are you if I may ask? What city that is

irvine 10 more

I’m in San Diego. I’ve seen other E-boarders around here but seems there always on Boosted boards.

most dont know how easy it is to build one with a kit. And yea i see a lot of boosted in irvine no other kind of electric boards tho