Parting out 6s build

These are some parts I have from building two 6s boards and now a 10s board. All parts are in good condition and everything is working as new. Shipping cost will be reduced for items purchased together. This is basically the main components for a 6s build minus the VESC and drivetrain.

IMAX B6 Original Charger, like new. SOLD

Two 3s 8,000mAh 30c Lipo Batteries, 8 Charge cycles. SOLD

Two 3s 5,000mAh 30-40c Lipo Batteries, 17 charge cycles. $40 for pair.

MEB VGA Charging/Balancing adapter SOLD

MEB Antispark Switch with blue lit push button. SOLD

Tacon Bigfoot 110, 6345, 295kv. SOLD

TB 2.4 Nano Remote and Receiver. SOLD

Where are you shipping from ?

New York City, USA

Okay damn… Im from Europe…

Good luck :smiley:

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How much for the switch and charging port?

Pm me your shipping address.

I’ll take the switch, PMd.

Items are marked as sold as they are paid for. If there is a price listed it is still for sale.

Bump, item still for sale.

How have the 8000mAh batteries been stored? Seems like a low amount of usage as well. Are they modified in any way or stock?

Also, anything missing from the charger?

The batteries have been stored at the storage setting from the IMAX. The charger is in like new condition and has everything it came with.