Parting out MBS build

SOLD - Set of mbs matrix 2 trucks (one hanger is broke, 13$ for a new one from mbs) (75 for the whole truck, 60 for the one with busted hanger) 15463698315341521652389 1546369878036567066259

50$ - 4x rockstar 2 plastic mbs rims 15463699117621907091030

SOLD - Unik boaboards drivetrain (aluminum mounts and pullies) w/belts (15mm) 15463701439911153114695

250$ - 2 TB 6380 Motors (one needs to be sent back to TB to be replaced, working on getting that done asap) 15463705141671555739847

10$ - ble module (FS) works with vesc tool on the pc and Android devices 1546371221714308067340

$650 takes it all, not looking for trades, I’m trying to build up a small cushion as I’m going to be a father soon and… diapers ain’t cheap lol

All the mbs parts have around 6 miles total use

No prices include shipping

Stay tuned for more parts as I decide what will stay and what will go.

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