Parting out my build (miscellaneous parts for sale)

I sell some parts of my longboard because I want to build another longboard with other specifications, all parts are in good condition, except the engine does not work well. I want to get a few dollars to buy other parts for my new longboard. I am willing to listen to offers. All parts are in Bogotá-Colombia

All prices are in American Dollar, thanks.

Longboard Steella made with bamboo, wheels MBS all terrain and trucks enerion $180 USD 51%20PM


Some conectors $15 USD 51%20PM%20(2)

Test for lipos $8 USD 52%20PM

Anti spark $30 USD 52%20PM%20(1)

gloves $10 USD 52%20PM%20(2)

battery tester $10 USD NEW 52%20PM%20(3)

Chager lipo 4AMP 12s $45 USD NEW 53%20PM

BMS 12s $45 USD NEW 53%20PM%20(1)

wheels enertion $20 USD 53%20PM%20(2)

Bluetooth metr old version $17 USD 53%20PM%20(3)

VESC torqueboards $50 USD 53%20PM%20(4)

Chager Lipos $25USD 53%20PM%20(5)

Motor enertion (it is not works well) $40 USD 54%20PM

Remote control $15 USD 39%20PM%20(1)

Some batteries were 6s 3000mAh but 3 do not work well $45 USD 39%20PM

What do you want for the BMS/lipos/connectors and gloves? Maybe $55 shipped is fair (I know someone who is in need of a cheap battery setup)


Hello, I guess $50 for the BMS this never was use, $50 for the four batteries and connectors and gloves $40.

You are charging waaaay more than anyway would pay. Heavily used items are not worth much.

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The price for his gloves is even higher than retail

He did not say if prices where in usd


Yes he did

Maybe it’s canadian dollar

He’s shipping out of Colombia so it’s gonna be to high in shipping for this kind of stuff anyways

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What size motor

Here you can find this information: