Parting out my single drive 6s build with all practically new parts

Parts as follows , located in colorado,usa

Diy 6s4p lion battery packwith charger, 2 months old $200 plus shipping

Diy 230kv 6355 motor bolted onto a Diy motor mount with 16/36 gear ratio. 3 months old I’d would like to keep the motor and mount together but can’t sell separate. $50 for the motor, $30 for the mount, and $20 for the pulleys and extra belts or 100 for all plus shipping

I have one set of 10in Caliber trucks $30 and one set of 8in Caliber trucks $20. plus shipping

36in 10ply Canadian maple Madrid longboard only a month old. $40 plus shipping2 sets of 83mm flywheel clones one set pink, 1 set green. Both sets for $20 plus shipping

Psychotiller 405 enclosure with holes cut for the battery pack $20 plus shipping

Diy 6s esc $30 plus shipping

Wining remote $20 plus shipping

Genuine I max b6 charger. Never used $20 plus shipping

Or I’ll send you the whole thing with aLloyd the parts for 600 plus shipping

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Pm I’ll buy most the enclosure, the mount pulleys and and suff.

Shot you a message

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@brawlincollin do you still sell the parts??

@brawlincollin are these parts still available?