Parts and Wiring setup

Hey everyone, semi-new on here and to e-boards in general. I have been researching parts for a while as well as wiring and all that jazz. I believe I have everything i need but I’d love some input. My parts list is as follows. -Single maytech 90mm hub motor -DIYElectronic’s VESC -10s BMS -10s2p li-ion battery -2.4 ghz controller and reciever -random wiring and connectors

Id also love some input on my wiring diagrams. The first is my overall wiring and the second is my bms wiring.

I think you may have the wrong end of the far left battery in the 2nd picture. I also can’t tell if you have parallel connections between the positive terminals of the parallel cells in the 1st picture (if you don’t, add them). You’ve definitely got the concept, good job!

The far left battery is connecting on the negative side, the far right is on the positive side. Is that how it should be? @rpn314 and yes they are connected in parallel then in series.

It’s possible I misunderstood. Here’s what I thought.

Yes you are correct. You just saved me a very frustrating day of wiring. Thank you @rpn314. Did the rest of it look ok to you?