Parts are coming, it is starting to take form. Dual Dark Matter 6374 190kv, 12s4p, Hi5ber ion 38 deck

So the build begins!


Part list:

  • Dual Dark Matter 6374 190kv
  • Dual Focbox 5.5mm VESCs.
  • Torqueboard 218mm trucks, 36T Drive Wheel and 16T motor pulleys, 12mm belts.
  • Samsung 30Q 12S4P Battery (I will be spending most of my time making this)
  • Nano X remote
  • Custom Aluminum Focbox Foxbox box. :slight_smile:
  • Hi5ber ion 38 longboard deck.

I am still trying to figure out what should I call this build …


I like the deck.


I needed a kicktail. I am a pool skater, so I wanted something that felt a bit more like my pool decks. You can see I typically ride longer pool boards : . Maybe I will wise up and get a traditional longboard so I am lower but for now I think I will really like this deck. I just need to figure out the best way to drill into it to mount my enclosures.


Post some pics of yu making your battery pack

I will, I will give a detailed walk though.

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That’s cool cause I want to build a 12s5p battery pack I’m still using lipos starting to suck when having to charge my board I need a better system