Parts coming in! Fingers crossed on a few items

Hey guys I’ll start to post pics as everthing comes but as of now I’ll I have is my trucks wheels and deck

However on its way are: Hobby charger (Ebay) 10awg wire (Ebay) Antisparks (Ebay ) Xt90 connectors (diyelectric) 4000mah 5S 35c x 2 lipos (Hobbyking) 2-8s voltage buzzer (Hobbyking ) 15mm wide 15/36 pulley set (johnny261) Mount (diyelectric) 190kv Sensored 6374 (diyelectric ) VESC (diyelectric) Winning remote (Ebay)

Only things I’m worried about are my eBay items taking forever . I ordered the remote 2 weeks ago and the wire, connectors and charger 1 week ago so I expect everything November 7th to 14th but with eBay you never really know. Gotta make a quick trip over to the states (I’m Canadian ) to pick up my batteries but other than that everything’s coming to me.

Question for you guys : Can I setup my VESC and motor without my controller and just keyboard remotes for the time being ?

And can anyone give me a good idea on how I should approach my VESC ?

I’m running 10s and want to potentially set a speed limit , Can I do this by limiting my erpm limit? Any other setting recommendations? I think I wanna stay away from foc mode cause I’m pushing the erpm limit I think . I’m 200lbs btw



Not entirely sure what you mean by that, however you can configure your VESC purely by using a computer and you can also control it with that for testing purposes.

As for speed limit, tbh you should gear accordingly and use a lower kv motor for that (which would be better since you are 200 lbs like me, and also more efficient). But since it is too late for that, erpm should work.

Are lipos not allowed over the Canadian border?

A 190kv motor at 10s would reach a max eRPM of 42v190kv7poles= 55,860ERPM. Under load would be less then that so well within the 60k limit of the Vesc so foc would work. But be weary because people (including myself) have had problems using FOC on diy’s Vesc.

The only reason I didn’t was because I can take a ferry (boat) over to the states for $3 and pay $5 for a shipping center there to keep my packages cause shipping to Canada through hobby king was gonna be $30 or $10 to the states. I don’t save much but I did save

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Where about in Canada you from? I’m from Edmonton.

Sarnia Ontario. Originally Windsor Ontario

Cool. Nice to see more Canadians. When does winter start for you?

Probably too soon now that I ordered my parts. We probably will see a snow storm or 2 that will melt away before January. But in January the snow stays. Bet your already shoveling yourself

Not quite yet. We have about another week before Some good snow hits and stays. Good luck with your build, look forward to seeing your progress.

Im from toronto

Great news!!! My parts came in today!!

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